Friday, February 10, 2012

[Such a Doll] Elvis Barbie Doll

You all hate me now, don't you?
I can't help it, new girls just keep arriving!
It's my job to greet them!
I have to do my job!

So, today, meet:
Elvis® Barbie® doll
Twig: AHHH! Zombies are attacking her!!! ... ... ... oh... oh, wait. No, those aren't zombies. My mistake. I guess that's Elvis.
Some might say she's a hunk-uh-hunk-uh burnin' love,
but I don't know what that means, so...
I say she's a girl with a headache!
 Look at that hair! It's almost as tall as she is!

I asked her if she liked it, and she said no.
She also said to call her Elly, not Elvis.

I told her that I thought her name was Barbie,
but she said that would be like her telling me my name was Mamachapp.
Can't say I'd want to be named Mamachapp.
I don't even know what Mamachapp means.

She originally cost about $35, but I found her on sale for $18 at Walmart.
Anyhow, she was very easy to take out of her box.
I used an Exacto knife to cut the tape and pull her cardboard backing out.
Elly: Oh boy, I hope she knows what she's doing with that thing...
She was entirely held in by ties like these:
Here's a quick shot of the back of her box, where they'd hidden her stand, and her Pink Label Barbie certificate.
Twig: Here's the back of Elly's box... with that zombie guy on it again.
and her hair was held down by a little string.
The back of her head had those plastic tags in them, like all Barbies seem to these days,
but instead of being attached to the box, they were attached to this plastic mold, and when you pulled the plastic mold from her, it took those little tags with it! That was the first time I didn't still have dumb plastic tags stuck in a Barbie's head!!

The first thing I did was take her hair out of the rubberband that was holding it.
The rubber band came out smoothly, without taking any hair with it, and Elly has very lovely, silky hair that is soft and smooth.

Next I flipped her hair up to see how in the world they had made that huge bump in her hairdo,
and I found this! Foam!
I removed that, and found it was held in place by another plastic tag, so I ripped that out too.

Then I gave her hair a good brush...
Elly: Ahh, that's better already...

and put it back in a ponytail. She already looks and feels much better!
There's not much more I can do, though, until I get her home for further styling.

Her outfit is a sparkly, metallic silver and gold suit jacket, shirt and pants.
(interesting, but probably not something she'll stay in)
She also has some pretty darn cute shoes!
Hmm, I wonder if these fit Mamachapp and Pure Neemo?

and funky earrings that seem a bit bulky for the new hair style she'll be getting.
They look like they weigh a ton!

Twig: Elly, are you hiding something in there?

She's just so pretty, though, with big soulful eyes, and jet black hair, and a fully articulated body... I just know with a little work, she could shake her goofy attire and hairdo, and become quite the beautiful girl! That will be our mission for tonight! Give Elly a makeover!!!
The only Elvis that Twig had ever heard of was Heather's (keeper of the Neemos) parents cat, Elvis. So she is very confused as to how Elly is related to him.
Elly: Thank you, Twig!
Twig: Hey, what are friends for?! So, how are you related to Heather's parents cat?
Elly: 0_0;;;


  1. How cute! Twig did a wonderful job introducing the new addition. Looking forward to the makeover.

  2. I will never hate Twig, she is too darn cute to hate!