Friday, February 17, 2012

[Stepping Out][Fluff N'Stuff] Hey Cavey!

Hey everyone!
Samantha: I just got this new Stardoll Accessory pack called Pretty n' Love!
It comes with two pairs of great shoes, these cute heart glasses, this rea....

Sunday: Hey. Sup?
Samantha: ... uh... who are you?
Sunday: Name's Sunday, and these clothes are mine. Why are you talking about them?
Samantha: What? This isn't yours! Heather bought this for the Neemos so we can have more shoes!
Sunday: Nope. Mine.

Samantha: No it's not! It's for us! FOR US!
Sunday: Sheesh, kid, calm down.

Samantha: Who are you calling "kid"?
Sunday: Listen, now... this is just an idea... but why don't you try talking about the shirt you're actually wearing, instead of my clothes?
Samantha: Huh?
Sunday: That shirt you're wearing. Looks special... you obviously got it from somewhere, right?
Samantha: Oh... yeah... it's a Blythe shirt from Hey Cavey! 
Hey Cavey usually comes out with a new shirt every year for Blythe-con! They have a new one for this year too... I think this one was from 2010? Maybe? I'm not exactly sure.

Pita: Did someone say Hey Cavey?!
Samantha: What are you doing here?
Pita: Bringing over a Cavey! I heard someone say "Hey Cavey!" so I brought one over!

Samantha: He's pretty cute... *pats the Cavey on the head*
Pita: He is, isn't he? And each one is limited... in small or medium or big runs depending on, uhm... stuff. A lot of stuff. Too much stuff for me to know about.
Sunday: Don't be daft. The short runs, the ones where there are 10 or fewer Cavey, these days tend to be ones where the artist, Holly, collaborates with another artist. Medium runs tend to be holiday releases or random releases on her site (although even those numbers have been getting bigger lately) and the bigger releases (where there are usually 100 in the run) are when Holly sells the Cavey through specific shops.
Pita: Oh... that makes sense... how do you know these things?
Sunday: Because that's what I am, Pumpernickel, someone who knows things.
Pita: Uh... it's Pita.

Pita: Anyways... See, Holly numbers each one by hand, this one was number 20 out of 50!
He was the Zingy Green Cavey!
If you'd like to see all the Cavey released so far, and what numbers they were released in, you can go here:!prettyPhoto[inline]/22/
She releases them pretty regularly... and has a nifty countdown for them when they're about to come out! You can currently still purchase a few of the Cavey at her shop!

Samantha: Oh! I almost forgot to mention! The shirt has velcro up the back, so it's very easy to get in and out of! No head or arm removal required!!

Pita: Awesome! Let's go check out the Hey Cavey! website, ok Sam? We can see the new shirt!
Samantha: Sounds good to me! Below is what the front page looks like... and the website is:

*Samantha and Pita head off to check out the website*
Sunday:: Finally... you're mine, all mine... precious clothing....

Looks like Samantha might have some solid competition for fashion diva 0_0


  1. Hello from SPAIN: I love the box Stardolls supplements. The sunglasses are very original. I love all your dolls. Keep in touch

    1. Aren't those sunglasses cool??? The Stardoll sets are pretty cool.

  2. Replies
    1. I know! ... what have I gotten into with these Misaki girls? Oooh... did I say girls? Did I let something slip? Yeah... I couldn't help it, I ordered a few more... they're just so... hauty!!!