Saturday, August 31, 2013

Volks Dollfie Dream Miku Preorder

So, all the details aren't out quite yet...
but it looks like Volks is going to be releasing
a Vocaloid Miku
for preorder!

What does that mean?
Well, everyone has a chance to enter,
and be certain to get,
preorder dolls.

Unlike their "lotteries" where you enter for a chance to win a slot
to pay them a lot of money,
in a Preorder, you're guaranteed to pay them a lot of money.

Seriously though, it's nice for them to do things this way
when releasing really popular characters that will be highly
coveted by collectors.

Anyways, no details on preorder periods yet,
but here are some pics:


  1. I have seen this one around quite a bit. Not really sure what Volcaloids are exactly but the anime style of the characters are pretty neat.

    There are heaps of these in the figma/nendoroid sphere.

  2. Pre-orders are nice...especially since I've had ZERO luck with any lottery entry T_T