Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let's talk about Chiika!

I currently own 4 different versions of the
Azone Pure Neemo Chiika.

How did this happen?! 0_0;;

It happened because Neemos are too cute,
and sometimes I find deals on them that are too good -_-;;

Let's take a peek at each of my Chiikas!

My first Chiika:
She is a Secret Wonderland DS Chiika

As you can maybe tell from her picture, I'm planning on rerooting her.
I just got another pink haired Chiika whose hair is much nicer... and I just don't need 2.
Plus, Kana's previous owner cut her hair anyways (poor girl has a mullet if her hair isn't in pigtails)
So I figure she's the perfect candidate for rerooting.

My Second Chiika:
Currently unnamed
She is a Romantic Girly Chiika

This girl was the first smiley Chiika, and with her pigtails, purple eyes and soft smile,
she's super cute :)
She also came with two lovely outfits. 
I bought her second hand, but in perfect condition.

My Third Chiika:
She is a Forest Girl Squirrel Chiika

This girl is part of Series 9, the currently ongoing series that is based on Mori style clothing,
and features each of the ExCute girls as little forest animals.
The series is super cute, so I decided that I would leave all the girls in this series with their original names. Plus it was yet another lovely smiley Chiika, this one with lovely green eyes.
How could I resist?

My Fourth Chiika:
She is a Sweet Dream Chiika

Dare I say it? Cutest Chiika EVER... when you look at her fullset.
I just fell in love with everything about this girl.
She's a collaboration between Azone and Kinoko Juice
(thus why her name is Kinoko, which yes, I do know means "mushroom"...
but I think that's a cute name, LOL)
This gal's superior pink hair is why Kana will soon be the victim of a reroot.

Here's an image of all the faces next to one another, for the sake of comparison:

As you can see, Pure Neemos are pretty much defined by their eye shape... since their mouths are
prone to change shape every once in a while.
I think both versions of Chiika are very cute :)

Plus there's something about Chiika,
something very innocent and vulnerable.
I love making little photos of her that pose a question,
she always seems like she's asking questions. :)

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