Saturday, August 3, 2013

A little late addition to the Azone Friday Update

I just saw these guys, so I figured I'd make a new post,
this is the August clothing catalog...
it looks to be full of witches XD


  1. If only that skeleton hoodie could fit DD... Still, some nice stuff here.

    1. Hehe, it's true... why didn't they make the 1/3 scale one as well? I'm going to try for the Pure Neemo one though XD

  2. I keep meaning to ask you, are Azones similar to Dollfies? I remember when I was in Japan, I walked into this store that was floor to ceiling of dolls. I didn't know it then but now, I realise they were Azone dolls.

    1. Hmm, first I have to ask... do you mean the 1/6 size ones or the 1/3 size ones?

      The Azone 1/3 are actually shorter than Volks 1/3 by 10cm... which makes a big difference in shoes and clothes.

      The 1/6 are much closer, but I think Volks Dollfies are slimmer... more like Obitsu. Pure Neemos are all shorter and thicker... and they don't have such loose joints... nor are they jointed in the torso in the same way a Obitsu or Dollfie is.

      ... and I am very jealous of your "Store full of Azone" experience.
      You might have walked into one of the Azone stores, lol! There are several!!