Monday, September 23, 2013

Kana returns!

Sorry for the silence, guys, I was on my Honeymoon! XD

Anyways, perhaps you remember poor Kana?

Well, she's back, and better than ever!

I rerooted her in aqua, and styled her new hair... and she's awfully cute!

Here's a shot of the back of her hair:

And of her part:
(her front most hair is pulled back and tied in the back of her head under her hair... which is why it looks different from the rest of her hair falling to the sides...)

Finally, here she is with her "opposite" sister (aqua eyes and pink hair), Kinoko:

Thanks for looking!


  1. Congrats!!! It was a wonderful wedding. Your dress was so beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful time :3
    I love Kana :3 too.

  2. She looks great! You did a nice job on her hair~

  3. Wow! Kana-chan looks very very cute ^_^ I love that wavy hair!
    Oh, you were on your Honeymoon :3 I was wondering where did you disappear to :D

  4. She reminds of like a mermaid or siren. She's even better with her new hair. Excellent job, & congrats on getting hitched! XD

  5. They are cute with their big, big eyes.

    When I see the name, Kana, I think I am going to see the Volks Who's That Girl Kana. (Do you have any of the WTG Kanas?) Nice to see your two though. They are uber cute ;-D

  6. creo que has hecho un trabajo precioso , se ve muy guapa con ese pelo nuevo



  7. Wellcome back!! I missed you!! Congrats for your new life, I wish you all the best :-D


  8. Congratulations!!! I hope you had a great time! <3
    Did you follow the same rooting holes as on her head?

  9. Wondered where you had got to. Congratulations. And Kana looks lovely with her new hair colour.