Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Azone Update

  Time for Friday's Azone Update!

Wonderfest 2013 brings us
plenty of Neemo News!


~~~1/12 Scale~~~

For those anxiously awaiting more Picco Neemo news,
the time has finally come!

First up,
there was a trio of gals with plastic hair,
that seemed to be released in Wonderfest exclusive bundles
for roughly $40 each:

You can see them above standing next to Koron and Aika,

the previously released Picco Neemos.

 If any of my readers out there can read the characters on these posters

and wish to elaborate, please do! :)

Aren't they cuties? XD
As far as any plans to mass release these girls, I have no idea.


They're also expanding the Picco Neemo Ex Cute world!
They had on display the following two girls:

Romantic Girly Chiika and Angelic Sigh Lien. 
They are slated for a 2013 release,
and will cost about $70 USD.

The final 1/12 scale girl is this gal:

who is really bugging the heck out of me,
because I feel like I should recognize her.
If anyone knows who she is, lemme know!!
She is slated for a 2014 release.

Well, I guess it's time to reveal what an uninformed dope I am
when it comes to the world of anime...
I have no idea who this girl is... do you?
**Thanks to Galvatim for the following info!**
 The following girl is:

Reinforce Zwei from Nanoha

She's cute as a button, though (look at those fun little gloved hands!)
and is slated for a December 2013/January 2014 release date.

 ~~~1/6 Scale~~~

Next up is Pure Neemo News!
 The next girl I don't recognize is this gal:

I'm assuming she's from the Love Love? anime... which I know very little about.
She'll be released December 2013 for about $126 USD.
Next up is an addition to the Forest Girl Series (Series 9)
that I'm happy to say, I don't want!

Please meet Black Lolita Aika and Bordeaux Lolita Aika.
Both of them are considered to be part of the Forest Girl Series (Series 9)...
which is entirely baffling to me,
since the Forest Girl series is all about Mori style fashion.
Where did these Lolita kitties come from?
How does this even connect to Series 9 at all?
I have no idea.

She will be DS (limited) only, both versions,
so you'll need to use a shopping service to order her.
She will be released on August 10th, 2013
Price: roughly $120 

••• They are also mentioning a selling of the Pure Neemo XS Boy body,
happening in August...

I'm hoping it's available through places like as well!
These next girls are going to be very bad news for my wallet ;_;

First up is the next in the Forest Girl series,

Koron the Bear!

I don't like these girls... BECAUSE I WANT THEM BOTH!!!
How cute is she? And that honeycomb charm? GAH!

I didn't see a release date on Bear Koron,
but it's likely she'll have an August or September release.
She should be roughly $126 USD

 Then there's the next Sahra a la Mode collection...
"Sweets a la Mode"
it's like Azone has a direct link to my wallet...

First up is Lycee...
currently I am unsure which is the limited and which is the regular,
but if I had to guess, I'd guess the blue haired girl is the limited...
just based on Azone's penchant for making fantasy hair colors
the limited ones.

These girls have a November 2013 release date,
and should be roughly $126 USD

Blueberry Lycee

ChocoMint Lycee (I LOVE her outfit!)

Next up is Maya,
both of whom are adorable... but man oh man
do I want the pink one 0_0

Cherry Pie Maya

Peach Pie Maya (eeee! I want!!)


Next up is a revamp of Kirino from Oreimo
(see... I know *some* anime.... *weep*)
This girl is interesting, in so far as they seem to have given her
more of a facial sculpt.
I own the original Kirino, who is flat faced like the other Neemo girls...
but this one seems to have a more pronounced nose, and an actual lip bump.

I think she's cute, what do you think?
Release date is currently unknown.


Finally, in the 1/6 realm,
there is the Assault Lily collection.

Azone has had a web page up about these guys for quite some time,
with no product to show... but finally
they have debuted some finished looking pieces!
(and check out the new bodies lurking in the background of one of the photos!

These girls seem to be slated for a September 2013 Release,
and should cost roughly $89 USD.

 ~~~1/3 Scale~~~

First up are two more girls from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series:

Kyoko Sakura
No release date yet on this girl, but she'll cost roughly $630 USD

 Homura Akemi
Release date is slated for January 2014.
Cost: Roughly $630 USD


Next up is Jubei? (Is this right? Am I making this up?)

She's slated for a December 2013 release
and will be roughly $500 USD

 Next up is Nanoha

I'm unsure of her release date and cost,
although to assume she'd be in the $600 USD range isn't out of line.
There's this girl...
Charlotte Dunois
(read more about her here:
evidently from an anime called 
Infinite Stratos

Not sure on a release date or price tag on this girl as of yet.

Azone is releasing a special Halloween version of their
character doll,

I'm unsure of a release date... but...

wouldn't logic dictate it would be near Halloween? XD 


  1. So many dolls! I love the bear Korons! ;___;

    1. I know, me too... both of them... which makes them bad news bears for my wallet, haha!

  2. This lilia is the most beautifull doll i have ever seen. God... I should have more money... Recommend my blog.

    1. She's pretty isn't she? :) She's like the mother of my Majokko girls, hehe!

      I hear ya, too, I need more money as well, LOL.
      I saw you do Monster High repaints! You've repainted two of my favorites!!

  3. Lots of good news out of wonderfest! That first 1/6 scale is Reinforce Zwei from Nanoha... I thought she was a Picco Neemo, though. If Rein's a Picco, she'd be in scale with the 1/3 scale Nanoha girl, Hayate. They're a team. But they aren't the Strikers versions, so I won't be getting them.

    I might get thst new Kirino, especially if there's a new Kuroneko to go with her.

    1. Ahhh, see, here's where having a clue about the anime would have helped!

      I've edited the post on your info... I think you're right... looking at her more closely, that ribbon border on her outfit is awfully large for a Pure Neemo size... but more in line with Picco.

      ... who knows, maybe I'll force myself to learn Japanese just to be able to read the danged updates and signs from Azone, LOL. -_-;;

  4. I want one so bad!! But wow, 600$ +? I wish I had that kinda money :(

  5. I want Kyoko Sakura soooo bad. I have got to win the lottery!