Monday, August 5, 2013

My Sahra a la Mode girls

Compared to the girls I have from the Ex Cute collection,
I only have a few Sahra a la Mode girls!

From top to bottom, left to right:
Alisa, Maya
Lycee, Yuzuha

Of course I would be missing the crucial namesake,
Sahra, haha!

The Sahra doll seems to have been created to be a model for Azone clothing...
but she was popular, so they created 
Sahra a la Mode
and now she has her four friends shown above!

I like to think of this line as being filled with the elegant, older girls.
The ones who would be bigger sister types. :)

 Now, I do have 2 Alisa girls... so we can do a quick
look at two different types of the same doll side-by-side.

 Left: Nostalgia Alisa, Right: Winter Harmony Alisa

Again, as with my Chiika post, you can see the eye shape
and placement of highlights in the eye is the same.
They eye color is different, which is not shocking...
no Neemo girl has a real "set" eye color.

However, you may notice that the mouth shapes differ slightly,
and Winter Harmony Alisa has more blush,
to give her a rosier cheeked look since she's supposed to be
outside in winter, lol!

Winter Harmony Alisa has always been my favorite Alisa... the minute I saw her
I wanted to order her, because her little face was just too cute.
I also prefer her side-swept shorter bangs.
Perhaps I'll have to give Nostalgia Alisa some hair styling,
because she does have really wonderful, long, wavy locks :)


  1. la verdad es que tienen una carita muy dulce



    1. Ah, I agree! They've got the sweetest little expressions!!

  2. I do like Winter Harmony Alisa - I can see why she is your favourite. Yuzuha looks like a cute anime girl,maybe it is the black hair.