Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hodgepodge of stuff for sale

 Stuffs for sale!

Prices DO NOT include shipping.
Shipping will be $2 for almost everything within the US,
$6.50 for International.

All clothing items pictured are limited pieces.

Lot of Monster High Wigs: $5

XS Pure Neemo Boy Shirt: $5

Pure Neemo Skirts: 1 XS Grey, 1 S/M Grey, 1 S/M White
$5 each

Picco Neemo (1/12 scale) Vest and Shorts
$5 for both

Mamachapp Dress (also includes bow, not pictured)
Will fit Obitsu 21cm bodies, and Pure Neemo XS

Pure Neemo Blue Blazers: 2 S/M, 1 XS
$5 each

Pure Neemo Madoka style blouse (2 pieces), Size S/M
Price: $10

Licca Dress (will fit Pure Neemos sizes S/M)
Price: $6

Shoes/Boots, fit Pure Neemo S/M
Price: Black Boots: $10 White Boots: $10, Brown Loafers: $5

Pure Neemo black tank top, size M
Price: $5

Loose Pure Neemo Hands,
Normal Skin, 
Goes with body sizes S and M
Price: 50 cents per hand
Splayed Fingers Hands
Kimono/Demure hands
Kitty/Nya! hands
Loose Open Hands
Peace hands
Thumbs Up hands
Fist hands
Pointy hands
The two other Loose Open hands that I forgot to include in the picture above.

Please email me

or leave a message here with any questions!


  1. Do you still have the vest and shorts (picco neemo)?

  2. will a full licca outfit fit a pure neemo m?

    1. Yup, Licca clothes should be a decent fit, maybe not always perfect, but pretty close!