Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sera!


Today is wee little Sera's birthday :)

Here are Sera's stats:

Name: Sera
Birthday: August 14, (Leo)

Blood type: B type

Dislikes: frog
Likes: tea ceremony cuisine, strawberry crepes

Dream for the future: Lawyer
Family: father, mother, sister, twins

To date, there have been 6 Sera releases:
 1. EX☆Cute Family chairman / Sera - Label shop Osaka store 1st Anniv
2. EX☆Cute Family chairman / Sera - Normal Version
3. EX☆Cute Sera / Happy Holidays!
4. EX☆Cute Sera / Secret Wonderland
5. EX☆Cute MajokkoSera / Little Witch of the Wisdom - Normal Version

6. EX☆Cute MajokkoSera / Little Witch of the Wisdom - Version 1.1 10th Anniversary

Sera is part of the ExCute family,
but not included in the main  group of girls
(Miu, Aika, Koron, Chiika, Lien, Himeno, Raili)
She is chairman of the ExCute class, and often has conflicts with the main girls,
but would like to get along better with them.


  1. It makes me laugh that she was originally "family chairman."

  2. Hello from Spain: Nice doll. Happy Birthday, Sera. Keep in touch

  3. Type B? Ut oh! LOL, I don't know what that means, but I watch a lot of Korean shows and that's not good.