Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chiika and Chiika

Soon a new little Chiika will be joining the crew... so before she gets here,
here's a little shot of the two Chiikas that already live here :)
As you can see... Azone sometimes will change facial
expressions on their Pure Neemo girls.

The Chiika on the left is her normal expression,
and every once in a while they make a smiley one like the girl on the right.
The new girl who will be coming is smiley as well, lol.

Bonus shots:

This is where I store my cats when I'm not playing with them, haha!

Here's what Will said to that:

I think he's laughing at me. XD


  1. LOL, all cats are laughing at us!

  2. That is a handy way to store cats. :D

    1. Yes, I think so... just have to dust the shelves every once in a while, and it's all good!

  3. Since when did you get the impression that you, a mere human, got to be in charge of anything to do with your cats? No wonder he's laughing at you. (Yes, I'm ruled by a cat too.) Your Chiikas look cute.

    1. Hahaha, I know, right? Then the other one demanded I feed him. *sigh* XD

      Chiika is a real cutie :)