Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cu-Poche Madoka

Have you heard of Cu-Poche?

Neither had I, until I randomly stumbled on one on

They're like Uber-Nendos XD
(although sorry, I forgot to take a box pic)

Lookit her... isn't she cute?!
But let's talk about her base... it's metal...
Why, you ask?
Because she has magnets in her feet!
She can stand on her own!
Already a million times better than a Nendoroid (who often can't stand without their stand)

But *should* you want to use her stand, it's awesome! It has not only the magnetic bottom,
but also the claw holder (and a back hole)... for ultimate action posing!

Let us take a moment to look at the Nendoroid Madoka side by side with the Cu-Poche Madoka:
Left: Nendoroid, Right: Cu-Poche
They're both cute... but I think I prefer Cu-Poche!
Also note that Cu-Poche has more joints, so you don't have to change out her arms all the time to get a different pose, as you do with Nendoroids. Cu-Poche Madoka also comes with extra faceplates (3 total) and extra hands (2 sets)... so she is like a Nendo in many ways.

But what if you didn't prefer Cu-Poche, what if you preferred the Nendoroid head?
Well, you can make them work together! The pegs are about the same size, so the 
Nendo head will fit on the Cu-Poche body. :)

Cu-Poche Madoka: What'chu mean you no want my head? ;_;

Just one more advantage of the Cu-Poche over Nendos... they come with a bag to store your extra parts in, much like Figma do. :)

If you're interested in getting your own Madoka, 
Cu-Poche is made by Kotobukiya 
and can be bought HERE!


  1. Hello from Spain, i really like cu poche. Very nice. Keep in touch

  2. Cute! I love the idea of the metal stand. And all those joints are a plus.

    1. Agreed... I think Nendoroids are cute as heck, but the fact that they can't stand up (for the most part) and their limbs fall off all the time drives me batty. XD I think I'm lovin' the Cu-Poche gals.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, she's a cutie... have you ever seen the Madoka anime?

    2. Sadly no, but I own the manga
      One volume only, is the best I can find in my crappy town. I have to get the others

    3. Oh, the manga is just as good though, and also very short!

  4. Lovely!
    I've seen Cu-Poche before in Flickr and while I think they are great (and I want one! x3) I still prefer Nendoroids aesthetically. :3
    But I think it's neat that the Cu-Poche have magnets in their feet and that you can fit a Nendo head on a Cu-Poche body.

    1. I think Nendos are cute as heck too... but... man... I have to admit, I'm really loving this girl. Her limbs don't fall off like the Nendos tend to, and she can stand on her own... which is a huge plus to me XD

      You're right though, I think there are a lot of characters that are just going to look cuter in Nendo proportion. They're more of a chibi, although Cu Poche is pretty close to Nendo size, the limbs are just a bit longer. XD

  5. I always wondered how you changed their faces. That's super neat. When I first started collecting I tried to glue magnets to the bottom of Barbie feet - it didn't work out, lol.

    1. LOL! I can totally understand why you'd try though!! It would be nice if Barbie could stand on her own easier.

      Yep, with Cu-Poche, the peg to hold the head on is attached to the body, while with Nendoroids, it's attached to the individual face pieces. If you ever have any questions about any of the toys I post here, feel free to ask, I'll take a pic of it if I can XD

  6. That stand is a great idea and the additional posability is good so it's good to know the heads work on both bodies. I must admit though the Cu-Poche is pretty cute.

    1. Yes they are XD I'm finding it very hard to resist getting more (as in... I am not resisting getting more -_- )