Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Azone Update

Time for Friday's Azone Update!

Today there have been two new announcements!

First Announcement
Remember last Friday when I mentioned a new Minami~sensei was going to be released?
Well, now she has a "Preorder" date!


For us in the US, that usually means that if you're interested in getting on her preorder list
(and if you're interested in her, do it right away!)
she'll show up on sites like the night before the Japanese Preorder date
(because of the time difference)


So... when they say that Minami's preorder date will be 5/21/2013
you might want to start haunting your favorite site to order from
around 8 pm on 5/20/2013 (this is based on being in Michigan)

This Minami sensei comes with quite a lot of clothing,
and all of it is cute!!!
She will be ¥11,000
which at current exchange rates, translates to $110, roughly.



Here is her Azone official page:

Second Announcement
So, when I first saw the second announcement... I had a moment of "WTF, Azone?!"
UNTIL I remembered that one year ago, the Nagoya "Grand Opening" doll was version 1.1
of this very same girl:
 Nagoya label one year anniversary model:
"Majokko ☆ Koron/littlewitch of the wind ver. 1.2

I'm not going to lie... I'm still a bit confused...
there's something about Majokko Mia wanting company?
So Koron got changed... I don't know, the translater is choppy on this one...
What I can tell you, from my own personal knowledge,
is that this is just Majokko Koron ver. 1.1, redressed in Majokko Mia's non-limited outfit.
(Literally, same eye color, same hair color, and exact same outfit my Majokko Mia came with)
 Did they have spares?
Why didn't they make this girl her own outfit?
I really am confused!!!
Personally, I think Majokko Koron 1.1 (pictured above) is cuter.
Needless to say, I'm not sad that this one is a super limited that will be hard to get...
since I have no interest in her anyways.        She will be ¥12,000
and only available at the Nagoya Store Location on 5/24/2013


  1. Love them! I like the school class picture

  2. I love that school picture. I need to make some desks like that.