Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Work In Progress

A friend of mine, Liz,
over at Work In Progress,
makes the cutest knit purses,
some sexy knit tops,
and some fantastic jewelry for 1/6 scale girls.
(Although if she has a model, I suspect she could
make stuff in any size!)

I got the chance to go over and see some of the stuff
she's just made, and take pictures for her.

Here are some pieces she just finished:

Silver Chain Necklace: $10
The chain on this is delicate and lovely, it goes with the scale beautifully!

Orange Purse with Button Closure: $10

I love these little purses, I own an orange gradient one for my girls! XD

Purple Knit Top: $15
Only an FR girl could pull this shirt off... I'm sure I'd have a wardrobe malfunction, LOL!
Purple purse with button closure: $10

The purple purse is lovely, and the purple top is lookin' good from many angles! XD
If you're interested in purchasing any of these items, or interested in commissioning Liz,
go to her blog,

and leave her a note!

And just because you don't see it here doesn't mean she can't create it!
She made me a Ravenclaw Sweater for my little Luna Lovegood
(which I really need to take a picture of!)


  1. Yay and thank you! the pictures came out so nice :3 and yes you need to post Luna because i miss her.

    1. Now I want to take more photographs of your girls, LOL... but... one thing... tell me which dolls these are so I can label them... in case people want to know 0_0

      I actually have Luna dressed in the sweater, just haven't taken a pic -_-;;

    2. Dynamite Girl - Electropop Rufus Blue (her name is King)
      Fashion Royalty Dream Teen Poppy Parker
      Fashion Royalty Capricious Natalia

  2. Your photos are nice. Thanks for sharing Liz as a resource.

  3. The silver necklace is beautiful but that purple top - you are so right only an FR doll could pull it off and look so stylish. Thanks for the link.