Thursday, August 30, 2012


Me: Hey Carrot, what's up?
Carrot: Nothing much, just playing my PSP.

Me: Carrot, are you a button masher?!
Carrot: Yeah, so what?
Me: That takes no skill... no finesse! Anyone can button mash!
Carrot: No way! It's an art form!
Me: It's for people to lazy to learn the combos!!

Carrot: *HUMPH* Talk to the hand!
Me: Wha??? 0_0 Where did you even learn that saying?!

... sometimes Neemos are inexplicably moody.


  1. Cool mini PSP! Is it one of your goodies from the Gencon?

  2. LOL, you question people's gaming mojo of course they are going to get moody!

  3. She's so adorable in her little outfit and hat. Tyler, my doll son has that PSP. His mom has had to take it away several times.