Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Funnies: Krispy Kreme Caper

Now, I know I promised to give you
the comics I've teased you with the last two weeks...

But this week I've been struggling with
some very bad news about my favorite kitty,
William the Bloody.

He is pretty sick, we're not sure if he'll make it,
and he's getting a feeding tube in today...
and I'll have to feed him mush through it
until he decides to start eating again.

So instead, here is a little comic
highlighting a moment in William History.

Will LOVES Krispy Kremes.
Like... an unholy love.

So, when I used to have a roommate,
her mother would come down from Alpena
and always buy a box of Krispy Kremes.

Well... I warned her right away,
"Do not leave those unguarded,
Will aboslutely will steal them!"

So what does she do?
Puts a Krispy Kreme on a plate, goes over to
the arm chair, sits down, and puts the donut
down on the table while she reads.

Well... about 15 seconds later, the following happened:


I was standing in the hallway, and saw this little black flash run by with
a Krispy Kreme in his mouth (that would be Will)... then heard
the thundering of my roommate's mom as she
tried to chase him down.

All I could do was shake my head and laugh.
That Krispy Kreme was gone.

NOTE: My roommate's mom is not actually an ogre... 
but there had to be a villian to this story...
and while it should have been Will,
I DID warn her that he was a
Krispy Kreme thief.


  1. Hey, if she was warned, it's her problem. xD
    Having a sick pet is awful. I hope Will gets better. He seems like a great cat.

    1. I agree, hehe, I warned her twice, even, because I didn't think she took me seriously the first time. LOL!
      Will was very happy, though... although he did NOT get to eat the whole thing... but I let him lick some of the frosting off before taking it away.
      And thank you... yeah... poor little guy has been at the vet for 3 days now :(

  2. I wish that Will get well soon
    *hugs you*

    1. Thank you!! I hope he pulls through as well.

  3. Sending best wishes your way. When someone you love is sick, it's such a helpless feeling. Here's hoping you and Will are celebrating his recovery with Krispy Kremes very soon. *hugs*

  4. Your roommate's mum was obviously not used to cats - they like such unusual things and will take any chance they get. But they are such fun. Hope your Will pulls through and gets back to stealing donuts.

  5. Hope your kittty kat will be okay so he can steal some krispy kremes another day.

  6. So sorry to hear that Will is sick. I really hope he pulls through like a champ. Love the Krispy Kreme story.

  7. Lots of love, hugs and snuggles for Sir William :). His story was adorable.

  8. I will keep will in my thoughts and I totally understand. I hope he pulls through. hes such a lovey kitty boy.

  9. Oh, no! I hope William the Bloody gets better soon!!! I have one kitty and I love her like crazy. She's going on 12 years, but she is still like a baby too me! :D