Monday, August 6, 2012

Pidge is under the weather

Pidge: Oh, hi Heather!
Me: Pidge!! You look so pale today! What's wrong?
Pidge: Oh, I'm just feeling a little under the weather... although you would think that would make me look grey, or at least darker, since when you're under the weather there is no sun and the lighting isn't as bright... but nope, I guess I'm bright white when I'm "under the weather". *sigh*
Me: Uh... ok... but I have something that might cheer you up a little.
Pidge: Oh?!

Me: This lovely pink bag came for you in the mail!
Pidge: Really? Hmm, it seems like a rather irresponsible way to ship something... in a plastic bag, as lovely as that bag is... I'm shocked it even made it here! Why, just the other day I was telling Alna that...
Me: *cuts Pidge off* My, aren't you the talkative one when you're sick! You must have a temperature... but no, the bag wasn't shipped that way, it was packaged very carefully and responsibly in a mail safe box.
Pidge: Oh. I guess that's ok then... I mean, it's really nice for anyone to send me anything, so I want to make extra sure they send it carefully, because there is nothing sadder than a package ruined in the mail by other bigger packages that bully it around and smash it up and...
Me: OK!!! ENOUGH! GAH! Why don't you just open the bag!

Pidge: Oh my! Everything is so lovely! There's something for everyone too, and look at how thoughtful whoever this was is, they sent just the right stuff, why I'm sure Alna is needing more makeup and the Neemos always need more sugar, I should go and give it to them right now *giggle* although that's not too nice for you, but there is something in here for you too, and it's just what you need, well, really, it's just what we need, but it says you might share or write things for us or...
Me: PIDGE! OMG. You are rambling... RAMBLING!
How much of a temperature do you have???

Me: You're right though, look at how cute this stuff is (there is no way the Neemos are getting free reign over that bubble gum machine...) and omg, this person seems to know my weakness for writing utensils!!!

Pidge: This package is from Lily, isn't she so sweet and thoughtful and kind and adorable and everything she does is just perfect and...

Me: Pidge... what's that thing on your head?
Pidge: Uhm, I don't know, I thought I was supposed to eat it, but then I picked it up and it looked at me with eyeballs, EYEBALLS! So then I was like, "Maybe I shouldn't eat it" and I put it back down but it hopped up and sat on the top of my head and now I think it might be getting crumbs in my hair and that kinda makes me unhappy because I'm pretty sure it's sticky and...
Me: Pidge...I got it... I think it's time for you to lay down...

Pidge: I would love to lay down, Heather, I think that sounds like a really good idea, and maybe I could use some tea too, and toast, with jam, but first I need to open this package... the one that's specially for me, it's not for anyone else, Lily's note said so, it's just for me, so I need to open it, because not opening it would just be rude, and you know I hate being rude, it makes me feel even worse than being sick makes me feel... did I mention how funny it is that I get lighter when I'm "under the weather"?
Me: ... good heavens I hope you don't get sick often. Oooh, that box is beautiful though!

Me: That packaging is just AWESOME!

Pidge: *sniffle* Oh my, OH MY... *snifflesnifflesniffle*
Me: Pidge! Are you feeling worse?!
Pidge: NOOO! Look at how precious this is! It's my very own doll, I've never had a doll before and Lily sent my my very own and it's so beautiful and perfect and she has a cupcake and I wish I could have a cupcake and her dress is so pretty with flowers and pink coloring and everything about her is lovely and it's just too perfect and HOW DID LILY KNOW???? *WAILS*
Me: *takes Pidge's temperature* Oh, Pidge, your temperature is 102! No wonder you're going crazy! You need to lay down now!
Pidge: *sniffle*Ok *Pidge goes off to lay down and falls promptly asleep*

Poor Pidge, she was so sick and out of it, she didn't even realize that her new doll holds a secret note inside...


  1. I'm very happy that Pidge received the package that Lily sent, but I hope she gets better soon! Being sick is no fun! Poor Pidge~

    1. It is just a very minor cold, I'm sure she'll be back on her feet soon, and she loooooved the package so much!

  2. Pidge is so unbearably cute! I just love her little face to bits!

    1. Hehehe, me too! I am still amazed that more people weren't excited about Mariko (Pidge's default name)... she is SO cute!