Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monster High Repaints

While I've been working on a painting project for a friend,
I figured I'd repaint some Monster High girls
while I had all the paint out.

Here are the 4 girls with their new faces:

My Clawdeens always end up looking worried or sad...

Clawdeen is one of my favorites, she has such a cute little face!

This is Clawdeen's little sister, SUCH a cute little doll (even before I mucked around repainting her!)

Lookit her widdle floppy ear!
... ok, she's got too much 'tude for me to say that... wouldn't want to offend her.


This is one girl whose default I have never liked... her eyes looked more reptilian than cat-like to me... so there was always something that felt off about her.

I can't really claim the eyes I gave her are any more cat-like... but I like them.

Rochelle is my favorite of the MH girls so far... she's just such a cutie...
I wanted to repaint her with a more gentle faceup...

She turned out... ok... but not quite how I wanted since my colored pencils decided they weren't going to work to color ANY of the eyes except Toralei's... which made me very sad.

Anyhow, those are some MH girls that I repainted while painting other things, lol.


  1. These are all very cute - should I call them repaints or recolours seeing you used coloured pencils? I haven't seen Rochelle or Howleen before (we don't always get the full range over here) and I can see why you like both faces.

    1. I actually used watercolor pencils... I think the colored pencils I have would be too high in wax content to do a faceup... I might be wrong about that, but if nothing else, watercolor pencils are easier to remove if you muck it all up! I did use paint on them as well... lol, so I guess it's still a repaint?
      I really love Rochelle, she came with a little gargoyle gryphon as a pet, and her purse is actually functional... which is nice... and Howleen only comes in a 2 pack with her sister, Clawdeen... but I feel like now that I've got the two of them, I should buy their brother Clawd just to keep the family together, LOL!

  2. I love Howleen! Her eyes are awesome :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah... I started painting her thinking I'd make her kind of timid like I always seem to paint Clawdeen... and THAT is how she turned out... she gave me an "Oh HELL no" and is just full of tude! LOL

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I've been loving the faceups you're doing on your little ones as well! How do you like the PukiPuki compared to RealPuki?

  4. Your repaints are really great~ ♥

    1. Thank you! I think I need to change up the brand of watercolor pencils I'm using though, mine just don't seem to color well on the plastic... I had wanted to do all their eyes in watercolor pencil, but none of them worked except the kitty girl, and those are really more of a pale reflection of how I wanted them to turn out!!!!

  5. Holy, wow, that is some skill you have. Toralei is especially scrumptious.