Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tours, Tips & Tricks

Today I thought I'd share another little photography
tip & trick I found over at

This one is all about how to make your
not suck!

Otherwise known as, Very Important Information!

Click the following link to find out more
on how to dramatically improve your images
while still using your On-Camera flash.

(the above is a direct link to the post on On-Camera flash)

Now on to the "tour" part of this post.

I spent the better part of last night putting away
my goodies from Gencon (a post about that soon),
and setting up a new spot for my Dollfie Dream girls
to hang out, so I thought I'd share some pics of where some of
my dolls live while they're at home:

 Here's Pidge, Alna and Jun in their new spot atop the manga...
Pidge: Where'd all those little dolls go?
Alna: I don't know, but I like it! I mean... not that I mind the little guys...
but they can get kinda pushy sometimes.
Jun: Oooh, manga!

Here's the view zoomed out a little...
although I only just now noticed the one bookshelf
still has the lint roller, tissues and air freshener on it -_-

But yeah, the girls have a corner of the room all to themselves now,
I quite like it!
No more getting lost on a shelf with a million Pure Neemo!!

Speaking of Pure Neemo...
Well, ok, you can only see one in this picture.
That top shelf is *usually* filled with the PN girls,
but right now it's housing all of the
custom painted Monster High dolls I made,
and that AWESOME wand cabinet
Tony @ Miniature Treasures made.

Next to the bookshelf, you can see my wine rack cart XD
It's currently housing my boyfriend's collection of tequilas,
and the wines we brought back from vacation!

Bonus Shot of item on bookshelf:
Bear in a Bear Hat!


  1. What a wonderful tip! I will definitely try that.

    Enjoyed seeing your big girls and the mini tour.

    What does one say about a bear in a bear hat? CUTE, CUTE, CUTE.

  2. Thank you again for the tips you shares with us :) I love the new display of your girls, I see that we read the same mangas!

  3. Thanks for the link - a really useful tip - and the mini tour. But the bear in the bear hat tops everything, absolutely the cutest.

  4. Ohh, awesome! I love seeing people's "behind the scenes." Thanks for sharing these photos and the link.