Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Friday was beginning to worry!

Left: Sunday, Middle: Janie, Right: Monday
Sunday: Hey guys, Friday's penpal finally got one of her letters.
Monday: Bout friggin time... if I had to listen to Friday moan about letters not arriving, one more time... well, let's just say someone was going to get her eyebrows plucked in her sleep.
Janie: Oh my! You wouldn't really... would you?
Sunday: You better believe she would... I'm going to go tell Friday about the letter.
Janie: 0_0

Sunday: *wanders over to where Friday is* Friday! There's a blog post you should read.

Friday: I doubt that. You have terrible taste in Internet humor.
Sunday: Wha?! No, you idiot, your penpal finally got one of your crappy letters. SHEESH.

This photograph is ©Sergio
 Please go HERE to check out Christie getting her letter!
(She's pretty darn funny!)
Friday: Ooooh! Christie hangs out with some hot mermen!

Friday: WOOHOO!!! *jettisons from chair* It made it, it made it, finally one of my letters made it! *dances around like a maniac*

Sunday: Hmm, do penpals really bring such joy? Maybe I should get one?

Janie: Oh my, this seems like an inappropriate amount of celebration! Simply too much noise!

Monday: If I kill her now, would anyone really blame me?

Tuesday: *sitting off to the side* They're all idiots, Danbo... all of them.


Janie: I feel like someone's watching me...


  1. What beautiful dolls and yay for Friday!

    1. I do love Misaki and Dynamite Girls, it's very hard not to buy more of them XD ... or... did you mean Danbo? Hehe!

  2. Me: Ha!Ha!Ha! This was amazingly funny! I'm honoured to see a photograph of mine and that you post the link to my blog! Thank you :D

    Christie: Friday! Finally I've got your letter, I'm trying to write you back but it's difficult for me, since that messy man won't buy me some pens of my size

    Me: Hey!

    Christie: Uhmm... Maybe I can always bribing Tonner Jacob Black to write in my place. He's so massive.. Triton is hot but you know, he's a single father, I can't manage with all those mermaid girls

    1. HAHAHAHAHA! Ok, the single father bit cracked me up!

      Friday: Oooh, yes, make shirtless Jacob Black your cabana boy... he can get all hot and sweaty while he works hard writing my letter! There are no hot guys here at Heather's house :(

      Me: She's right, actually... there are no guys 0_0 Maybe I should fix that? I dunno...

  3. Replies
    1. Hehe! I'm glad you enjoyed it! The Misaki girls don't get enough love around here, LOL, I always have them out on display, but they rarely ever make it into a photostory. XD

  4. Hah! Tuesday's got the right idea XD.

    1. For sure, I'd rather hang out with Danbo too, LOL