Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Persona 4's Rise Kujikawa in Dollfie Dream form

 A new 1/3 Dollfie Dream girl has joined the fold here...
and I adore her!

Alna is on the left, Rise on the right
I have changed her wig and eyes.
Her anime eyes just weren't cutting it for me... they were too...
light? Strange? I don't know,
but with her face being so much more like a resin Volks SD vs. a DD,
I felt she needed some Urethanes.
The eyes currently in her are a beautiful deep green. 

For me, I have always sought Volks' Jun Tachibana,
but never wanted to pay the second hand prices for her. (I got into BJD collecting literally *right* after Haute Doll Magazine sold her)
But, for me, Rise is TOTALLY the DD version of a Tachibana! I'm so thrilled to have her!She looks good in other color wigs too, but I really love her as a little Japanese School Girl.
Here is Volks' official "story" for her: 
Rise Kujikawa makes her debut.
Rise Kujikawa - a freshman at Yasogami High School, who suddenly ceased her activities as a popular idol rising close to the top, is now helping her family's business.
From the popular animation "Persona 4," Rise Kujikawa, also known as "Risette," makes her debut as a Dollfie Dream!

I have just started watching Persona 4... I have seen up until the episode where Rise appears... and it's cute... but I really have no idea what the point of it is. LOL! I know they're trying to catch a killer, but really, there is a lot of stuff that's pretty vague, such as the Midnight Channel. I'm not sure where the anime is going, but I'm sure I'll watch more of it. My girl, however, is not based on the character.

Pidge promptly stole the awesome wig Rise came with... and my Rise is in need of a name change.
Yeah... Pidge is NEVER giving this wig back. SO CUTE!
Anyhow... I don't have a name for her yet. I was pondering naming her Jun, since she's kind of what I always wanted in Jun Tachibana...I've also considered Lanie... but if anyone else feels like contributing, feel free.


  1. I think Jun would be cute, particularly as you've established that she's a nod to that doll. She looks very lovely, regardless of name, and I'm glad that Pidge is rocking her default wig. It's perfect on Pidge!

    1. lol, and after the discussion of not naming dolls Japanese names -_-;;

      But it's a cute little name... and yeah, she just reminds me so much of the Tachibana sisters. I used to have Ami Ayase, and she reminds me quite a bit of her too.

      What I really need now is Jun's default outfit.
      ... I know... good luck, right? XD

  2. Wow, she is absolutely stunning! Congrats on getting her.

    1. Thanks! This girl is really cute... unless Volks comes out with something *AMAZING* I think she'll round out my DD collection. XD

  3. These dolls have the best outfits and accessories!

    1. Yes they do... lol... they have better clothes than I do... and since they're larger dolls, the detail is amazing.

  4. You really have to play the Persona games to understand what is going on! Everyone has told me Persona 4 is amazing, but I am still playing through Persona 3 (which is totally blowing my mind with awesomeness).

    Rise is a very popular character! She makes a very cute doll! :)

    1. Are they for PS3? I've been watching the anime... but it's a bit vague.

      Rise is a cutie... but I can't believe she's a pop idol... that makes two of my DD girls pop idols, LOL, oye.

    2. They are not - Persona 3 you can get for the PS2 or for PSP. Persona 4 is for PS2 and may have a PSP version??

      They are totally worth playing - and the anime is more understandable if you play the games! :)

      They are like a dating sim/RPG which is totally a good genre for me!

  5. Their eyes are amazing and quite engrossing!