Friday, March 9, 2012

Introduction of a new girl, review of Azone clothes and explaining my naming process

Another girl has joined the fold here at The Majokko Shop, but today her introduction will not be done by Twig (I know, I'm sorry... Twig is pretty good at them)

Her company name is:

[EX☆CUTE] Majokko☆Chiika / littlewitch of the heart

and my name for her is Bridget.

Now, I know there are a lot of girls living here, so I thought I'd break down the naming process for a few of the girls... because there actually is one.

Every single Pure Neemo who is from the [EX☆CUTE] Majokko series is named after a witch. Here are the girl's names listed, with the source for those names:

Prue: Charmed
Samantha: Bewitched
Sophie: Howl's Moving Castle
Bridget: Practical Magic

... I'm waiting for the day when I add one of the witches from Discworld. I *really* want a Weatherwax... but just haven't met the Neemo that fits that name yet XD

I was tempted to name Bridget "Tiffany" (Wee Free Men series)... but I just can't see this girl dealing with Nac Mac Feegle AT ALL.

All of my girls from the Madoka series just keep their names from the anime.

Simple enough.
Everyone else is sort of helter-skelter on name origin... so if their names come from a special source, I'll list it below: 

Kana and Anise are named after the two main human characters in my favorite online comic:

Pita is actually named after Peeta from The Hunger Games... I just thought, as a Neemo, his name would be cuter with the actual bread spelling.

Alice is named after Alice from Alice in Wonderland, which I love... and considering my girl's default outfit and name, this one *really* wasn't a stretch of the imagination.

Let's move on though... When Bridget arrived, so did some new fashions!
These are from Azone's newest collection for Pure Neemos:

Alisa is really loving her new outfit, and borrowing Anna's hat and shoes is a lot of fun. The skirt is actually part of a Bratz outfit, but all the rest of this outfit is Azone brand.
Anna is really loving her new outfit, it fits her great and she feels so stylish! This entire outfit is Azone brand.
This jumper was the only item I took issue with (and it was the most expensive too)... it's supposed to be for a S size body, but it's even big on the M size body. I'm a little unhappy with that. It's still cute, but it's a lot bulkier and not as well fitted as most Azone Pure Neemo clothes are. The top on this outfit is actually a Bratz top, but the rest of the outfit is Azone brand.

I am really in love with some of these and will have to buy more I think.


  1. Pretty outfits! The second one is my favorite.
    I love the little witches! One day I will have one.

    1. I really like the second one too... heck, I really like those knit tops :)

      And I highly recommend the little witches!!!

  2. Amazing fashion show! My favorite is the third, fits very well on her :)

    1. It is very cute, I just wish it fit a little better!!!

  3. Azone has nice outfits. I think you'd go nuts if you saw the actual store in Akihabara! I almost passed out when I saw it! It was pure Azone goodness!

    1. I'm getting a little teary-eyed just thinking about it... I don't think I will ever be wealthy enough to go there. (The Azone store, that is, not Akihabara, LOL) ESPECIALLY not with my Neemos in tow!!!!

  4. my little kitty is going to take like a month to get here XD....on the plus side...i think my unoa (minue) arrived today haha

  5. I do the same thing with names, they all have a meaning related to the doll :).

    I know I said it on Flickr, too, but EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I LOVE Bridget!