Thursday, March 1, 2012

[Such a Doll] Two new family members!

Well, Heather went and did it again!
She found two new girls to come and move in with us!
They are awfully cute, and currently still without proper names!

Let me introduce you to:

[Ex Cute] Secret Wonderland / Chiika
Hehe, she looks so worried! I wonder what is bothering her?

[Ex Cute] Fanny Fanny Himeno DS ver.
Obviously a very happy, go-lucky girl!

They are both SUCH cuties!!!
Fanny Fanny Himeno came in her default outfit, which is just so much fun! I love all the layers and it's so sporty. I wonder if she'll let me borrow it?

Secret Wonderland Chiika didn't come in her default outfit, but she came in Azone Pure Neemo attire which is JUST AWESOME. I think it's even cooler than her default outfit. Plus, the seller sent along a whole extra two outfits (one of which is another Azone Pure Neemo outfit) as an apology for Chiika having been given a hair cut by the person who owned her first.

Granted, if her hair is left down, it looks a little like a mullet 0_0
But when you put it up in pigtails or braids... she looks SUPER CUTE!!!!

I think these two will fit in great here!
Now we just need to figure out a name.

And because Heather took the shot, here are all of us, gathered around chatting.
(there were so many she had to mesh two photos together, LOL)
Hmm, do you think there are too many of us?


  1. You and I both know very well there is no such things as too many!!

    1. Too true :) ... I'm really loving this 1/6 size... even more than the BJD 1/4 and 1/3 sizes... they're just so much easier to do stuff for XD

      (granted, I still love my DD girls too... but these tiny girls are way easier to tote around)

  2. I agree, there's no such thing as too many! Congrats on the new cuties!

    1. Thank you! These two girls were just too good a deal to pass up... I think the only one who truly disagrees is my wallet, LOL!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! The 2nd girl looks like Miki from the anime Marmalade Boy. I'm pretty sure she wears her hair like that in one of the episodes. Of course like most animes it was a manga first. Though, I don't read manga....but I probably should. lol Love the new girls!! (^_^) And you need more!!!

    1. Oh curses! I agree!! I love Marmalade Boy (although I only ever read the Manga and haven't seen any of the anime). I can't name her that, though, because I already have a Miki!!! (Madoka's blue haired best friend is Miki... and those girls are keeping their anime names XD )
      I am still trying to figure out names for these girls. GAH!

  4. They are SO cute! I love Chiika's face :).

    1. Haha! I know XD
      The silly thing is... I have another pink haired Chiika soon to be on her way to me (one I preordered a while ago who is actually part of the Majokko series of little witches)... so I will soon have two! They will have to be sisters... I think.

  5. Hello from Spain: I love your new girls. You have many beautiful dolls. Thank you for reporting the drawings of other blogs. Keep in touch.

    1. Hello! No problem... Alisa loves sharing giveaways!! :) And thank you for your kind comments on the Neemos :)