Monday, March 19, 2012

Not Quite Neemos

I apologize for the wait for an update!
It's me, Heather... the sickly one *coughcough*

Anyhow, today's update concerns some new girls here at the Majokko Shop.

You already know one of them:
Sunday is our Fashion Diva... she outdoes Samantha by a mile when it comes to being picky about clothes... and she's very fashionable in them :)
She is a Misaki doll, which, from what I gather, is the Japanese version of Fashion Royalty dolls... 
it's probably sinful that I don't know more about them, but I don't.
I just know that I like them.
So if anyone wants to wax-poetic on them, please do!

Next up...
Friday may not look it, but she's absolutely the sweetheart of the group... she has a fun streak and loves doing silly things with the Neemos... in fact, I suspect she prefers their company to some of the Misaki's company... although she is best friends with Sunday.
Friday is a Misaki doll.

Ahh, how do I say this nicely? There's a reason she's named Monday... and that's because she is a bee-otch! She's snooty, uncooperative, snippy, catty, all around just a mean girl. What made her this way? I'm not sure. She's beautiful and she knows it though. Perhaps it's just the spoiled life of the privileged? She is also a Misaki doll.

Tuesday is Sunday's younger sister. She has a soft, quiet personality and generally spends time on her own reading, or doing other solitary activities.
She very much likes Kawaii and Lolita fashions.
She is also a Misaki doll.

 Finally there is Kyori. What can I say about her? She just got here today, and she is NOT amused. She is my first ever Fashion Royalty doll, and she is VERY full of attitude... which is amazing, since I thought the Misaki dolls were already overflowing with it!
Kyori is actually her Fashion Royalty default name, but it just seems to fit her so well, that she's keeping it (kind of like Madoka! hehe)
I'm sure she'll tell me more about her as time goes on, but for right now, she just seems really annoyed with me!


  1. So happy to see a new post from you!! (^_^) All your girls are STUNNING!! No surprise there though. lol Friday is my favorite. She reminds me of Stormer from the Jem and the Holograms show. Which I love and Stormer was always my favorite even though she was a member of the Misfits.

    1. hahahaha! You're right, I never even thought about it, but she does have that look to her, doesn't she? I feel like she needs red stripes and a lightning bolt now XD Maybe I'll just settle for getting her a guitar, lol.

  2. Love your new dolls. Maybe Kyori doesn't appreciate you being that close spreading all those germs.

    1. Hahaha! If only I were that kind of sick! Unfortunately, it's my heart that's sick, which is what keeps putting me down. I'm feeling pretty good right now though, so I'm really going to work to get some pre-posted posts up, so that I don't have to worry about it if something else happens!!!

  3. I had no idea you had so many Misakis, hehe. I love her, she's definitely my fave.

    1. I love Misakis too, but... not all of them, LOL. It wasn't until my friend showed me her Paranormal Willow Misaki (Sunday), that I went "oooOOOoooOOOooo*grabbyhands*"

      That's when I came to the realization that there is quite the variety of Misaki looks, and started shopping around.

      I have not forgotten the ponies, btw! XD Just got knocked down again by my heart condition thing.

  4. I didn't know the Misakis, they're truly hot!! I'm sorry that you and Kyori not go along, but will pass and you will live many adventures together. Get well soon, kisses

    1. I'm sure Kyori and I will be fine as soon as I get her some better clothes, LOL
      Misakis are pretty girls, aren't they????

  5. Awwww, seeing all of your cute Misaki dolls makes me kind of miss the ones I gave away... :P