Friday, March 9, 2012

[Samantha's Closet] One Sixth Sense Hats

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 Sam here.
It's time to talk business.
Serious business.
HAT business.

You know me, I'm a fashion diva, and a picky one at that. If the clothing is shoddy, I'm not going to wear it, and I'm not going to let my fellow Neemos wear it.

So, when I found

One Sixth Sense on etsy, click HERE to go to her shop!

Also, check out the One Sixth Sense website HERE
to see all of the other really awesome work done by OSS, as well as more fashion!

 I wondered at the quality, but,
upon closer inspection of the photographs, the hats looked really well made, and they were REALLY cute, so I took the plunge and ordered two for my fellow Neemos.

They arrived within days of ordering them, in little baggies with business cards... and here is what ensued:

Prue: Oh hi! Sam and Heather ordered us these AWESOME hats! This one was for me... they said something about me having monkey brains and always swinging from the rafters... but I have no idea what they're talking about... the other one we gave to Kana, because it looks SO cute on her!!!!
Kana's is an OWL
Kana: Oh, oh hi... *blush* I really love my owl hat, Miss Dawn, thank you!

Prue: Here is the business card that came with our hats. Pretty nifty, huh? There are some really pretty girls on this card. The creator of the hats is named Dawn Anderson, and she is just the SWEETEST, fastest working person ever! She was super nice about all of Samantha and Heather's questions... and Heather can have a LOT of annoying questions. Especially when she thinks you might have eaten all of the last of the Girl Scout cookies. WHICH I DIDN'T!

Kana: *ahem* Prue, you're getting off topic.

 Kana: *ponders* I think... right now... it's best to really focus on how cute and perfectly fitting these hats are for us Pure Neemos, and other 1/6th size dolls. The Barbies fit well into them too, and so did Sunday. We shouldn't be focused on who did, or did not eat the Girl Scout cookies.

 Kana: *in a photograph of epic cuteness* I mean, yes, whoever did eat the last of the Samoas, undoubtedly the BEST of all Girl Scout cookie flavors, with their coconut and caramely goodness, without stopping to ask if everyone had gotten some, was being very selfish indeed. *ponders even more wisely thanks to the wise owl hat from OSS*
And I'm sure that person will pay with their very guilty feelings. *nods*

 Prue: *thinks* OMG, she's so cute.

Kana: *thinks* Why won't she confess to eating the cookies???

Prue: Haha! Whose off topic now?? The POINT is, these hats are amazingly well crafted.
They also have some stretch and flexibility, so that they fit on our heads perfectly and don't come popping off! I can't recommend them highly enough... and the price is ABSOLUTELY right.

Here are a few photographs, ©OSS, of what's available in the store now.
Click the caption under each picture
to go directly to the etsy listing for it.
$8.50 on ETSY, click HERE to go directly to the sales page!
$16.50 on ETSY, click HERE to go directly to the sales page!
$18.50 on ETSY, click HERE to go directly to the sales page!
$11.50 on ETSY, click HERE to go directly to the sales page!
$36.00 on ETSY, click HERE to go directly to the sales page!

PLUS, as Heather found out... Dawn is VERY willing to work with you to make what you want.
Heather browsed her "Sold" items and chose a few things from there, and Dawn was happy to make all of them for her. Can you talk about Customer Service or what???


  1. I really hate to play favorites, but Kana and Bridget have to be my favorites of your girls <3.

    How adorable are those hats? :D~ I LOVE the owl!

    1. Hahaha, that means you are a fan of the Pure Neemo Chiika, Kana and Bridget are both Chiikas XD

      And yes... these hats are so friggin cute, and very affordable :) I love the owl one, she makes little white owls too XD

  2. Your posts are always a precious mine of informations! I really like those little hats!! Prue and Kana are two professionalmodels and Samantha has a really good fashio taste!! She'll become a fashion blogger and we'll see her in a blog all her own?

  3. I'd been looking at those hats for a while now! Must pick up some in the near future. They're very cute! Love the sock monkey!