Monday, March 12, 2012

[The Toy Box] Blind Bag My Little Pony... not so blind!


Madoka here, trying to invent new ways to say Hello! Hehe!

Today we talk about My Little Pony Blind Bag ponies... which are the perfect size for us Neemos. Not true 1/6th scale... but still fun to play with.

They come in these cute little bags that they call "Blind Bags" because you're not supposed to be able to tell what is in them...

But I know a secret...

 If you know where to look, you can tell which pony is in each bag! Let me show you...

On the back side of the package there is the long seam that runs the length of the packaging...

If you fold that up... on one of the ends... you can find a little imprinted number.
Every number corresponds with a specific pony!!
Numbers 22, 23 and 24 are the special sparkle ponies!!!

I really love mine!!!!

Especially Sparkly Pinkie Pie :)
I hope this helps you guys get the ponies you want!!

ps, here is the list for Series 1:
1 - Pinkie Pie
2 - Applejack
3 - Rainbow Dash
4 - Rarity
5 - Twilight Sparkle
6 - Fluttershy
7 - Sugar Grape
8 - Lily Blossom
9 - Minty
10 - Bumblesweet
11 - Fizzypop
12 - Flower Wishes
13 - Roseluck
14 - Sweetie Blue
15 - Pepperdance
16 - Lemon Hearts
17 - Cherry Spices
18 - Sweetie Swirl
19 - Lucky Swirl
20 - Sweetcream Scoops
21 - Firecracker Burst
22 - Pinkie Pie (Special Edition)
23 - Twilight Sparkle (Special Edition)
24 - Rainbow Dash (Special Edition)


  1. NOOO!! I can't believe it!! I collect them too!! Actually I have 9 of them from the both series, but not the special editions yet. And, I was thinking to make a post about them, but since you already did, I think I will not

    1. Please still do make a post about them! All we have around here at the moment is series 1, and I hear they're already out with series 3????!!!!!

    2. Really? Ok, I'll do my post then :) Yes here we have the series 2, I didn't know about a series 3, maybe coming out soon,I'll let you know

    3. They're actually already releasing pictures for series 4!!! I find this blog is awesome for pony news:

  2. Thanks so much for this info! How did you find this out? :O!

    1. Hohohohohoho, maaaagic!

      ... ok, no, my friend just did a google search for them when I brought over the little blind packs, and we found the list. I haven't yet found one for (or anywhere selling) anything beyond Series 1 so far... which sucks... I really want the brother ponies XD

  3. Hello from Spain: thank you for the information. The photos are very nice and creative. The doll is ideal. We remain in contact blog to blog.

  4. *twitches* I am having withdrawal symptoms! More updates please xD xoxo