Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ella Explores

Ella took advantage of the wonderful weather over the weekend... 

Ok, actually, she snuck outside while it was drizzling to play in the rain.

Heather felt like she was watching a scene from a Miyazaki movie.

You may recognize Ella's outfit as being the one Kana has been wearing.

Don't worry, Kana isn't running around naked. She looks quite cute, in fact, and you will see her later.

I'm not sure what Ella was looking for.

I'm also not sure if she found it.


  1. These are fabulous pictures. She looks adorable in her outfit. Love how you captured her activities.

    1. Thank you so much! Ella had a really wonderful time :)

  2. Gorgeous pics Heather! It's fun to play with dolls no matter how old we are!

  3. These are pictures full of poetry and grace, such as in Miyazaki movie.

  4. How fun!! You captured her and the background very beautifully! :)