Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[The Toy Box] Mini Lalaloopsy Suzette La Sweet

Hi again!
 I don't know what I've done, but Heather has gotten me more toys!!!
Well, more dollies, to be exact.

She saw how much I liked the other Lalaloopsy, and went and got me more!
This time she got me

Suzette La Sweet

who is just the most adorable little Lalaloopsy ever! Let's take a closer look!

Her little pink puppy is just so cute, and her pudding is PERFECTLY sized for us Pure Neemos...it's like she wants to share with us!!

Her cake and fan are adorable as well... a little small for Pure Neemo scale, but still workable... but the detail on the cake is really great!

Suzette La Sweet is one of the cutest LalaLoopsy I've ever seen... look at her pink frilly dress with the elbow length sleeves and ruffles, look at the ruffled socks and the pretty light blue shoes with pink bows... and her lovely white hair with pink ribbons!!! She's just so elegant!

Finally, there is the back of her box... how lovely is that landscape?? Wouldn't anyone like to live there?! I think I love the candy in the glass jars the best! I hope I have candy like that someday!!!

Thanks for checking in!
~ Madoka


  1. Don't tell me you are getting addicted to the Lalaloopsy dolls. I admit they are cute!

    1. LOL... I have a plan, I swear... although it's probably an awful plan... I was going to get one LalaLoopsy for each of the Neemos... which... I think might be insane, because at this point that means 18 LalaLoopsy 0_0

      I'm not sure that Madoka knows she has to share yet... but, she's a nice girl, so I'm pretty sure she won't mind.... I think... er... I might be in more trouble than I thought...

  2. Another cute purchase! Well done!! I think your girls will appreciate tihs collection :) Oh I discovered that the mini lalaloopsy are also sold here in Italy!! I'll buy some ;)

    1. Oh excellent!!! They really are quite fun!

  3. Man, I can never find the cute ones in stores D:!

  4. Hello from Spain: This mini Lalaloopsy doll is very pretty. I see your collection growing. Congratulations. Keep in touch

  5. I'd like to buy this one too (she would be my first, and she's sooo cute!) :) Big hugs from Italy! :)