Friday, March 2, 2012

[The Toy Box] Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Lalaloopsy

Hi all! It's me, Madoka!
Today we're going to look at:

Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Mini Lalaloopsy

Heather said she saw this and thought I might like it.

I love having a little ragdoll of my own!
Of course, these guys kind of remind me of Coraline... which is kind of scary... but Heather assures me that no one is after my soul... at least not anymore.
I don't know what she means by that "not anymore" bit, but either way, it's good to know.

Anyhow, Heather says they usually come out with special holiday Lalaloopsys at Target... but there wasn't one for Valentines Day, so she thinks this was their answer to Valentines Day... it just wasn't Target exclusive. Let's get a closer look at her, shall we?

 I really like her accessories!
Most of it is too small to be in scale with me (1/6 scale) but the chocolates could work nicely for a box of chocolates for a Pure Neemo!

I also really love the rest of her accessories... the little mailbox, flowers and puppy are SO cute... and very pink, which is one of my favorite colors!!

I never understand why they give Mini Lalaloopsy things to hold... when they have no way to hold them???

The back of her box is also awesome... and the boxes can be made into little mini dollhouses for the Lalaloopsy girls!

It kind of looks like the house the witch from Hansel and Gretel would have. I'm really scared of witches... even though I know some very nice ones now... they still scare me.
 Then there is the girl herself!

I love how she is pink with brown accents... you know I love anyone with pink hair... and she even has hers up in little pigtails, just like me! I wish I had a dress as cute as hers!
Anyhow, she's the only Lalaloopsy I have with eyes that aren't black... so that makes her special to me... plus I like how her dress looks like a cupcake, and how she has ribbons in her hair, because I have ribbons for my hair too... but it makes me sad to wear them and I don't know why.
I hope her ribbons don't make her sad too!


  1. I want the big version of this Lalaloopsy!

    1. Oooh, I don't think I've seen her!!

      Madoka is quite smitten with this tiny version though... She also has some other ones she'll be introducing soon.

  2. So cuuute!! Here in Italy we don't have these cool things :( Btw I own a big Lalaloopsy, Pillow Featherbed, she's really adorable with her pajamas look!!!

    1. Ooh, the big ones are lovely, the one in its little PJs is super cute!!! It's so strange that they have big ones but not small ones!!! I could always send you one!

  3. I love her! I've not seen this one in stores, either XD. That little button bouquet is just adorable :).