Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Up North

This last weekend I went Up North
to enjoy some of the fruits of summer...

There might have been some nerdy games played :)

Some folks, who aren't allergic to dairy, got to eat some tasty ice cream too.

A couple of girls might have come along for the trip:

Where they sat by the fire and enjoyed the summer breeze... but...

Kestrel: Let's go see nature, up close.
Kazehana: Ok.

Kestrel: This is scary! Let's try something else!
Kazehana: Yes, please, let's... the summer night terrifies me.

So, the next day...

Kestrel: We're going to go kayaking!
Kazehana: That sounds productive!
Kestrel: It will be!! And you won't even need a life-vest,
you come pre-equipped with flotation devices!
Kazehana: And you're flat as a kickboard, so I can use you to paddle back to shore. HAH!
Kestrel: Heeeeeey!

Kestrel: This is where we'll put the kayak in!
Kazehana: I'm sure you mean the river, not the road. -_-;;
Kestrel: OF COURSE I mean the river! Sheesh.

Kestrel: Now put your back into it, Kazehana!
Kazehana: GRRRRR

Kestrel: *happy sigh* Finally, we're on the water!
Kazehana: I think I need something to drink, that was hard work...
but you're right, it's lovely out here!
I can imagine this lake frozen, a beautiful winter wonderland...
I'm sure it's amazing!

Kestrel: Paddle harder! We're almost there! Our own private island!
Kazehana: *paddles* That's right, I'm getting things done... I OWN this kayaking thing!

Kestrel: We're here! We're here!
Kazehana: Our own private island!

Kestrel & Kazehana: This SUCKS.


  1. Hello from Spain, lovely pics. I like theses pics of summer, great dolls

  2. I could die laughing!!! xD
    These girls are very amusing!

  3. Great story. I love their "island". Sounds like you enjoyed your weekend away.

  4. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Especially love the berry picture. n_n
    Also, good thing your girls found an island...too bad it was dolly sized, haha! :D

  5. Great photos! Kazehana looks like she ate too much in the fifth one.

  6. Looks like fun, although they seem to have lost their transport back to mainland :) They may have to swim after all!

  7. LOL at the last comment. Their own little island wasn't as joyous as they thought. Great pictures! I felt like I was on the trip with them.

  8. Haha! Nice! I can think of worse fates than being trapped on an island than Kazehana... But I hope they found a way back, somehow.

    Seeing Kestral and Kazehana next to each other really shows how perfect the Obitsu 45cm body would be for a Lina custom.

  9. That is so awesome! :D I haven't been kayaking in a while. That looks like so much fun. Those two are adorable together. <3

  10. Oh I do love your photography. Those blueberries look like they're just ready to leap out of the monitor and into my mouth!

    Good to see some of your crew had some time out with you. They certainly sound like they enjoyed themselves.

  11. Best post ever! *clap clap clap* This was super fun and the photos are fantastic.