Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Azone Update

  Time for Friday's Azone Update!

A birthday wish,

A blast from the past,
and a bunch of delays.


Let's cover the birthday first!!

It appears last weekend, on the 20th,
was Pure Neemo Lycee's birthday!

To date, there have been 4 versions of her released...
and she's one of my favorites,
so I really wish they'd make more!

Happy Birthday, Lycee!!
Here is a banner that was hung in her honor XD


Next up, UTENA!!!!
  OMG, say what??
Talk about a blast from my anime past!

Azone is releasing a 1/3 scale Revolutionary Girl Utena!!
She seems to be coinciding with the release of the
Revolutionary Girl Utena blueray box set.

You can preorder her here:
and if you preorder now, you get a discount :)


1/3 Revolutionary Girl Utena / heavenly Utena

Price: ¥ 62,000 (Roughly $620 USD)

Reservations for this girl begin July 26th, TODAY! 0_0

In Azone's own words:
The release in the beauteous 50cm doll Duelist of fate, the heavenly Utena anime legend of buzz from "Revolutionary Girl Utena" in place of the original exhibition and the launch of Blu-ray BOX.

Big eyes clear as it is anime that was reproduced in doll eye,
Sword of Dios indispensable to Utena costumes and every detail was elaborated,
Engraving of a removable rose and is a special specification.

You also sure that I can be a world revolution with Utena in this!

Fate ... Apocalypse absolute.

Head: the new shape Soft head ※ Sculpted: ZAN (oval cat) Wig
Body: Obitsu 50cm body M Bust Size: 1/3 Height approx 50cm

Costume: Helle Gunther style outfit shoes

Accessories: Sword of Dios, engraved rose, flower crest: (oval cat) ZAN: Sculpted

Now for the delays...

1/6 scale:

Ex cute Bambi Raili
Shipping delayed from late July to early August

Luluna Moonlit Raven (both versions)
Delayed from July to August

Hasegawa Kobato (both versions)
Possibly delayed until early August

1/3 scale:

Heaven's little friends NEXT Crescent Moon night sky (usually sold ver.)
Delayed until the second half of the second week of August

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Delayed from August until September


  1. Oh my gosh, Utena. That brings back memories. Wasn't that an old anime. She looks really good.

    1. It is an older anime... one of the first ones I watched that really got me into the genre. XD

  2. OH MAN, that's so tempting! UTENA <3

    If they make an Anthy it will be the end of me.

    1. I know, right? That was my first thought, "will they make an Anthy?" -_-

      I *really* wish they'd made a 1/6 scale version as well though... I've decided I don't need the Azone 1/3 scale girls... they're just too at odds with the DD girls as far as head scale goes... but man oh man would I love a Neemo sized version of her!

  3. I've a question. Where I can buy a accessories for 12 inches dolls? :)
    Thank you!
    My email: :)

    1. I sent you an email :)

      But I also, every Friday, have a "Friday Favorites" on my Barbie blog that features accessories for 12 inch dolls!

      You can find that here:

  4. Aww, Anna and Chou's (other) birthday! Isn't that Utena doll glorious *_*? Anthy would be amazing, I'd love to see a 1/3 Azone girl in a darker skin tone.

    1. I know... it was their birthday and we missed it! There must be celebration!!!!

      And yes... Utena is amazing -_- and Anthy would probably be mind blowing, hehe!

  5. I went ahead and preordered her. I really love Utena all the way back when I started the anime club and everything, and her face is just perfect. Everything about her is perfect.

  6. Oh my good, Utena! She looks so great. Ring and everything.
    Happy birthday Lychee!