Thursday, July 25, 2013

Predators and Prey

Me: Time for a photoshoot, girls!

*the group of Neemos before the camera smiles a set of wolfish grins*

Me: Hey! Where's Miu and Chiika??
*looks around and sees them in the back*
Hey guys, come on over and get your picture taken!

Miu & Chiika: NO WAY!

For anyone confused by this...
the theme for the Pure Neemo Ex Cute girls this year is "Forest Animals"
Some of the girls (the ones up front) are meat-eatin' fools
(kitties, fox, wolf)

While the two in the back are herbivores :)
(Bunny and Squirrel)


  1. Hello from Spain: nice photo shoot. Keep in touch

  2. I'd want to cuddle them! So cuuuuuutee!!

  3. Definitely worrying - but all cute.