Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Azone Update

  Time for Friday's Azone Update!

Just a note, folks, but
most of the clothes from last weeks update
have gone live for preorder on HLJ


For those of you awaiting:
Beginning of the end ~ Ⅲ ~ The beginning of the end 50cm LILIA / Black Raven

It seems she will finally be coming in stock
in the third week of July. :)

 Azone also released this announcement:

We will exhibit participation Wonder Festival 2013
held in the summer July 28.

Sale Item Information
Picco Neemo <Character Series>
■ "SHIRASAKI Tsugumi" (The Shepherd of the large library) 1/12
Assembly kit © AUGUST
■ Assembly Kit 1/12 MION Chan assembly kit
■ 1/12 KOHANA Chan (WF2013 summer ver.)

■ Assembly Kit 1/12 ASAGI Chan (WF2013 summer ver.)
Each tentative price ¥ 4000  (roughly $40 USD)
※ assembly kits are the same skintone as the 1/12 Picco Neemo bodies.

There will also be more products that will be unique to the Wonder Festival 2013 summer event,
yet to be announced.

Now, I don't know how Azone does their WonderFest items...
I know some companies let you order them from their website...
so this will be something to keep an eye on,
and it's safe to say that unless you can attend the event,
you should probably look into a shopping service if you're
interested in any of these items.

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