Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Azone Update

 Time for Friday's Azone Update!

Not much going on this week...
but there is a little news!

First up,
On August 1st,
all Azone store locations will be closed.
It will be a day without Neemos *sob*

゚・:,。 ゚・:,。 ☆゚・:,。 ゚・:,。 ★゚・:,。 ゚・:,。゚・:,。 ★゚・:,。 ゚・:,。 ☆゚・:,。 ゚・:,。 ★゚・:,。 ゚・:,。 

Finally, Azone has given us a fun little freebie!!

How much do you love Sweet Dreams Chiika and Bambi Raili?

Well, Azone has put up downloadable files to be used as computer wallpaper!
How sweet is that??
Oh, and yes, they're absolutely free!
Go here:
and click on the links below the images to download. 
(here is the translated page, but for me, the links didn't work from

゚・:,。 ゚・:,。 ☆゚・:,。 ゚・:,。 ★゚・:,。 ゚・:,。 ☆゚・:,。 ゚・:,。 ★゚・:,。 ゚・:,。 ☆゚・:,。 ゚・:,。



  1. Hello from Spain, interesting news

  2. The wallpapers are very cute~

  3. I just love bamni Raili! The wavy hair, the pale colors, the blue dress! She looks like such a sweetie!
    The forest series is so cute >_<