Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kestrel, the Eco Chick

LOL, ok, so when I put together this girl,
I was just thinking "Cute outfit!"
But so many people have said,
"She looks like an Environmental Enthusiast"
and they're right!

Kestrel is a Volks Dollfie Dream Melty head
on an Azone 50cm body :)

Her llama pendant was made by a local artist XD

Her hat was made the talented Amara77 of Cloudburst

and the dress was made by the talented GothicKDM of Work In Progress


  1. Hello from Spain: I like this doll. She is very hippy. Keep in touch

  2. She is incredibly cute! I really love Melty's face <3.

  3. Nothing wrong with protecting the environment. She's really cute! You do such a great job outfitting your DDs!

  4. You know, one day, I totally have to get myself a Dollfie Dream. I used to have the Dollfie Plus dolls and they were good although could never stand unlike the obitsu.

    She's so cute. I do know what you mean now that you mention environmental enthusiast!