Saturday, July 20, 2013

A-Hole Kirito

So, I think I need to explain...
or maybe I don't...
but I'm going to anyways XD

Kirito is the main character of an anime called
Sword Art Online.

Many, many, many people love this anime...
but a friend of mine does not.
Not at all.

So when I got my Kirito figma,
I promptly proceeded to turn him into

A-Hole Kirito

... it's kinda like his super hero name...
but needless to say,
he's not the greatest guy.

Or maybe he is...
if you're totally into A-holes?

A-Hole Kirito thinks people who have moves like Jagger are lame.
A-Hole Kirito's got moves like Jackson.

A-Hole Kirito *knows* he looks sexy in this windblown pose.
Don't try to deny it.


  1. Congrats on getting him! I got one too. I actually had no idea who Kirito was when I ordered him but have since watched the anime. I actually enjoyed the first story arc but didn't much like the second story arc. I found it to be quite weak compared to the first. I know there's a lot of "god modding" by Kirito but I enjoyed it anyway. It's one of those love it or hate it animes.

    But maybe I'm biased as I love duel sword wielders. Everytime I play an RPG or a hack and slash, I always end up making my character one of those.

  2. Haha, what the...? x''D
    Anyways, I'm getting a Nendoroid Kirito, I think he's cool! ;-DD

  3. Hello from Spain: you're right. He is very sexy. Keep in touch

  4. Why is Kirito such an a-hole? Does he have really bad luck with the Volks lottery?