Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dungeon Master Yotsuba: Where's Our Cleric?

Yotsuba: It's gaming night! I'm so excited!!

Yotsuba: But wait... where's the cleric?
Gamer #1: He said he was out this week, had to prep for a Con.
Yotsuba: ... oh... that's ok, I guess.
Gamer #2: I wouldn't be so sure... *shows Yotsuba his tablet*

... so... instead of epic battles this week,
we had several hours of info dump.
Thanks, Cleric, thanks a lot.
(hehe, this is all said in good-nature... we still had a lot of fun)


Yotsuba is not pleased with my note taking.
Not being familiar with the D&D world
(at least, not to the level the guys I play with are)
I often just make up the names of things like places and monsters...
calling them words that sound like what was said.

That leaves everyone but me confused.
Just how I like it.

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