Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What to do with those stains?

I recently received a Pure Neemo body with very stained lower legs.

Yes, I can hear your shouts and cries now.
"Oh no! What are you going to do?! That Pure Neemo is ruined, Heather!"

Ok, so maybe you weren't shouting and crying...
maybe what you were really thinking is,
"OMG... where is she going with this already?!"

I wouldn't blame you, lol.

Anyhow, I decided, since the legs were already ruined,
I'd try drawing on them with Sharpie.


It's like the most big, bad taboo "no-no" word in doll history,
and I uncapped it and colored it all over this doll's legs.
Don't skewer me yet, hear me out.
The legs were already ruined, right?
So I was wondering if the hard plastic of the Pure Neemo
body is going to react more like softer My Little Pony plastic,
or if it's going to react like Munny plastic 
(in which you are encouraged to color on them in Sharpie)

Only time will tell... but in the meantime,
however long or short that might be,
my gal has some pretty cute leg tats.

Enough wordy-wordy,
on with the pics!
On the left is a leg showing the original staining...
the leg on the right had staining just like it, but Harry kindly covered it up.

I couldn't just leave the other side stained, so it got a little Patronus XD

Evidently, Yuzuha could care less. LOL.

Prue: Good to see ya all again!

Prue is really getting herself a new look, LOL!


  1. I'm impressed at how you skillfully turned the staining into some nice tatts >_<
    Who is that playing with the bear in the background? She looks like me with my dolls. She probably looks quite a bit cuter doing it though haha

    1. Thanks!

      In the background is Yuzuha... lol, she just got Mr. Bear and she's pretty enamored XD

  2. IIRC, the PN bodies are PVC, which means tats drawn with markers MIGHT bleed out a bit over time. Still, they look awfully cool and make for a great looking, unique figure!

    FWIW, the black stains might come off by treating them with 10% benzoyl peroxide acne cream. Sitting them in sunlight and occasionally washing and reapplying the zit cream can help too. I've had very good luck with this technique although it can take a few days or even several weeks, depending on the severity of the staining.

    1. Oh, hehehe, I know, I know... I own Dollfie Dream gals, I'm well acquainted with benzoyl peroxide XD
      You're right, too, it's magical stuff XD

      Mostly I've been wanting to try this experiment for some time now... but I've never had the nerve to try it on an unstained body, so I figured this was the perfect excuse.

      Plus... just between you and I (and the internet, haha), I've got about 7 or 8 spare Neemo bodies. So I don't feel too bad sacrificing one to the Sharpie gods.

      I figured I'd try these out, and if they didn't bleed horribly in a month or so, then I'd do full leg and arm sleeve tats. XD

      I also covered the tats in clear nail polish, because I didn't want them rubbing off on clothes or soaking into other dolls if they were touching. Hopefully I've got my bases covered!!!

  3. That is just too cool for school! I love it and look at all that detail on Harry. You're pretty awesome.

    1. Not too shabby for non-fine-tip Sharpie, lol. Thanks :) I've been wanting to try this out on a girl for quite a while... so I was secretly kind of happy to receive a stained gal XD

  4. Hah, cool! With such a look, Prue can be Cho Chang! I love hp.... Great painting.

  5. I love the tattoo idea! And your Harry is very cute!