Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Azone Update

  Time for Friday's Azone Update!
Some Halloween Fun,
a new 1/3 girl,
and some new 1/12 bodies!

★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·゜☆ Halloween Celebrations ★ ° ·. . · ° ° ·. . ·゜☆
The following images were posted by Azone yesterday,
along with the text:
This Halloween Candy is all mine!
Come on you guys! I come get a lot of candy!
Please excuse the (^ ω ^) mischief I is not got no sweets (> people <; )

Please got from her sister Oh look sweets
What the bag Lilia-chan? You mean, you would like the candy?

Pashari from exhibition of Osaka store to hear and hold a Halloween Festival from today! 
Now for some 1/3 news:
For all you Madoka fans, Homura is up for order here:
for ¥57,000 
(roughly $570 USD)
And another girl in the Black Raven series is soon to be released: 
Here is the translation Google gave me of their Amane flavor text:
Name of her dressed in costume shaman is "heaven sound (I bitch)"
She is the incarnation of the fox, those who live to protect the company law from ancient times.
Tonight nobody had kept watch over gently the city spread out below the heaven sound.
Then, master magic withdrawal of two people from entering the field of view suddenly.
Two people who came to be guided to the voice of heaven sound when singing.
World of each other cross each other,
Fate of the girls start big move! 
The lighter haired one is the normal version,
the darker haired girl is "DS" or direct from store only (meaning you can only buy her in Japan)
 Preorder begins November 7th, 2013
They'll be ¥43,000 (roughly $430 USD)

1/12 news:
Pico Neemo M bodies are available for preorder on HLJ:
Normal Skin:
White Skin: 


  1. The Halloween pictures are so cute~ ♥

  2. Mmmm, blonde Amane is simply beautiful! She's got unusual eyes! I waaaant!!!

  3. Hello from Spain: great photos. Keep in touch

  4. They are perfect!!!^^