Sunday, November 24, 2013

The beautiful work of Amubleu

For a while now, I've been shamelessly stalking following
the awesome works of Amubleu.

She sells her tiny knits on etsy,
under the store name Poisonbleu,
and they are beautiful...

I found her, though, by looking at pictures filed under the Azone (or was it PureNeemo) hashtag on Instagram. How random is that?

Since then, I've adored seeing the adventures of her tiny Pure Neemo, Yuuta (who now has a friend!)

Anyhow, she had mentioned, when her new Neemo arrived, that she didn't have much by way of clothing for them... so I offered to send her some...
and she sent off her thank you gift (which was *totally* not required, but IMMENSELY appreciated)
before I've even been able to send of the initial package!
(I'm waiting on a little something special for her boys :) )

The point of this post, I swear,
is to share another awesome Pure Neemo blogger with you,
as well as to show off her awesome work!

Amubleu made both the sweater and the teddy...
Amazing. :)
Yuzuha is so happy she got chosen to wear them!!


  1. I love her sweaters! I keep meaning to snap some up for the kids. teddy especially XD

    1. You should, they're amazing!!!! I keep bugging her to make more Pure Neemo sized sweaters!!!
      I love the stripes!

  2. Hello from Spain: nice sweater. Lovely bear. Interesting recommendation. Keep in touch