Monday, November 11, 2013

Product Review: Blinkydoll's Boutique

Hi everyone, today we're going to review some items from Blinkydoll's Boutique!

I'd like to welcome you to Day 1
of a Blinkydoll's Boutique extravaganza!

I recently purchased some items from
Blinkydoll's Boutique and felt I just had to rave about them!!!

Not only is the shop run by two of the nicest ladies out there,
and not only are their products affordable, but they're quality products as well!


They also have graciously given me a discount code for their etsy shop to share with my readers!
Use this code to get 5% off of your order :)

There will be three days of fun!
Day 1: Product Review
Day 2: Interview with the lovely ladies behind Blinkydoll's Boutique
Day 3: GIVEAWAY!!!!

for only $15! 

The table is beautiful, with a sugar maple stain (doesn't that just sound delicious?!)
You can also have extras added to your table, such as a towel rack!

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with the quality of the table,
and jaw droppingly impressed with the price.
Another really cool aspect of the stuff that Blinkydoll's Boutique makes is that it's Eco friendly,
made from reclaimed fibers and timbers.
How cool is that?
We'll talk more about that tomorrow during the interview, though :)

 •••••••  •••••••  •••••••

Let's take a look at some of the smaller items I got!
First up is a basket filled with napkins and silverware, 
and some plates filled with delicious treats.

All of these are lovely scale and well made,
plus, as always,
totally affordable!

This recycled playscale wooden crate is just fabulous!
It's covered in a lovely finish, with a chalk board front so you can add a message...
(can you tell I don't have chalk? 0_0)
and for $2, it's a steal!

How cute are the little designer bags that can hold the smaller products?
Not to mention the little step stool so I can easily reach the tabletop?

This little Euro Farmhouse Bowl and rolling pin match the table stain perfectly!

The tiny recipe books that come with some of their items have real pages inside!

I think it's time to make Christmas Cookies!

I also got a few vintage linen pillows and a book to read, 
perfect for cold winter nights.

Maybe I'll take a nap right now...

You can get the pillows scented if you want (and they smell wonderful)
but if you have allergies, the scent can be left out. :)

my experience with Blinkydoll's Boutique has been amazing.
They are very willing to accommodate different sized dolls
(see the Barbie/Fashion Royalty blog, The Traveling Twig for a review from a shorter doll's perspective)
and they're very wonderful to deal with as a customer.

Will I be buying from them again?
Well... shhhhhh
but I already have! 
If you're interested in purchasing from them,
click any of the links in this post, or go here:

**I was not paid to do this review...
I really think this is an amazing line of products that should be promoted**


  1. Your Neemo standing on the chair for being at the height of the table is too adorable!!!

  2. Thank you for making this wonderful review! This is my first time seeing this shop but I'm defiantly adding it to my Etsy favorites. Your lovely girls are going to have a comfy and stylish home.

  3. Checking out the Boutique now! I love these accessories!

  4. Ooh, all this stuff is perfection! The recipe book is dang adorable.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Man i dont know why this ate my post but ill try again.

    I went back and looked at your friday favs after you were telling me about this, and found their etsy. I really love the look of everything and I like how you showed it both with the PN and the FR to show size wise. These are all lovely pieces and a great price too! Ill probably end up getting some stuff as well :3