Monday, November 25, 2013 Giveaway is having a giveaway!


They have a lovely interview with endangered sissy,
and are giving away one of their dresses!


Here is the website, just in case my links stop working:

Blythe clothes are usually a great fit for Pure Neemos,
so I had to share!!

Would I like to win?
Heck yeah!
... but I'm not so greedy that I can't share :)

To go check it out and enter for yourself,
click the link below:


  1. Gaaah you always share such wonderful things >_<
    I entered as well since Kagura's wardrobe is dwindling now that there's a DD in the house , and will have to share too! ^^

    1. How is DD sewing going? Will we see pics soon? XD

    2. I have quite a few things(Pureneemo stuff too!) all ready for photos, but am waiting on better daylight since I tried it with the flash and it just wasn't good >_>. Hopefully tomorrow, so long as it doesn't rain again =_=

  2. Yeah, the weather isn't the greatest XD