Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekly Recap #1: Something New

So I've really been thinking I should have more "weekly"
posts... just so I can set little goals for myself...
so from now on I'll be attempting "Weekly Recap"

In which I share photos from the previous week.
(although I have to admit, some of these are a lie... since I didn't have a full week worth of stuff I wanted to post from last week)

10/28: Sometimes Mondays Just feel this way //  10/29: Mini-Me is editing a story
10/30: Playing Call of Cthulu by candlelight //  10/31: Proto-Pony is born!
11/1: (this one is a lie, I drew this today) but SkADaMo begins (Sketch a Day Month)
You can check out my blog to keep up with my SkADaMo
11/2: I took a knitting class! (yes, I suck at it) //  11/3: Proto-Pony is falling back.


  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures of the past week. Keep in touch

  2. Aahhh knitting class must also do! Your knitting is not to bad! Mini-Heather has a lot of editing to do -_-

  3. Proto-Pony is the best, I want one~ :3