Friday, March 8, 2013

[EX☆CUTE] Miu | animals in the forest / Rabbit


I'm Miu... I'm part of Azone's new EX☆CUTE collection

Animals of the Forest

We're girls who wear "Mori" style clothing :)
What?! You don't know what Mori is?!

"Mori Girl fashion recently emerged in 2007 in Japan. Mori means "forest" in Japanese, and the style concept is "a girl who looks like she is living in the forest" The look is natural & earthy. The fictional archetype was declared as being the character of Hagu from Honey & Clover. The actual archetype of Mori Girl fashion is the actress Yuu Aoi, who as a matter of fact played Hagu in the Honey & Clover movie in 2006. Mori girl has developed not only as a style, but as a lifestyle as well! Quirky girls who love vintage clothing, pocket watches, tea, moss or going snooping in the grandma's attic will feel right at home in this fashion style. Although mori girl is natural, it does not mean it is simple! Mori girl does have a little bit of complexity to it."

This excerpt was taken from WikiHow's "How to be a Mori Girl" which you can read all of here:


  1. So pretty <3 I wish to have a neemo girl this year.

    What exactly means [EX CUTE] ?

    1. Ex Cute is how they describe all the girls from one class at the Middle School they attend :)

      The Ex Cute girls are: Koron, Aika, Himeno, Miu, Lien, Raili and Chiika

      Then there are the Ex Cute relatives (usually younger sisters and brothers): Chisa, Nina, Aoto, Sera, Mia, Yuuta and their teacher, Ms. Minami

      THEN there is the Sahra A La Mode group of friends, which includes: Sahra, Maya, Alisa, Lycee and Yuzuha

      Hopefully that made sense!!!

  2. Sounds like mori girl fashion and the recycle/upcycle fashion movement have a lot in common. Miu looks like a sweet, gentle addition to your family.

    1. Derelicte?
      (Zoolander reference, just in case you were wondering, hehe)

      But yeah... they do seem to have a very "grandmotherly" clothing feel to the style.

  3. Love your new little girl. Hmmm, I learned something new today about mori fashions.

    1. Yeah, I find a lot of people aren't familiar with Mori... so when I say, "Oh, it's Mori style!" they're like... "Huh?" hehe.