Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Playing with a new lens

I recently got a new lens for my camera... and it is SO much better than my old one... here are a few pics:

Here is The Salacious Crumb looking annoyed.
He is an unhappy camper lately because his fur has grown back to it's full length while I've been sick. He prefers the lion cut. XD I also call him Fluffernutter and Crumbles.

Himeno and Miu :)

Himeno and Miu again.

Zinnia (Dollfie Dream Miki)
Her hair isn't that crazy... I was just having fun with filters.

Zinnia is such a happy girl.

Random Kitchen Shot.

These adorable Sylvania Family rement I bought years ago...
I so wish I'd bought more.

He always looks so sad.


  1. That Wall-e is so cute!!! Congrats on your new camera and those were such nice pics!

    1. Yes, his sadness is so adorable XD And thank you!

  2. Great shots! Now, I've probably asked before, but which anime-style dolls do you recommend in 1/12th scale? It seems hard to find such dolls, but I do keep my eye on your blog as well as hobby link Japan's site.

    1. Oooh! I actually have an answer for you XD Pico Neemo! It's something new that Azone just started and they're adorable!!!

    2. Thanks for your suggestions at my blog and your answer to my question!!! :) I will keep an eye out for Pico Neemo. I have been going back and forth so much as to what dolls I want to fill my dollhouses, and since I love anime and kawaii things, I keep drooling over the adorable pics you post! So...who knows, I might end up with one someday soon! :)