Friday, March 22, 2013

All the Tinies are belong to us!

Don't ask why...
but I brought all the Neemos, as well as the other Japanese 1/6thers
and put them all on my desk.

I think my pneumonia is getting to me.
(although, technically, I should have a pic of the Misakis in here too)

So, here's EVERYONE:
You can actually see two of the Misaki on the left, and my Blythe... those guys always sit on my work desk, so they were just hangin' where they always do.

Here are my three Sahra A La Mode girls, left to right:
Alisa, Yuzuha and Anna (Lycee)

Here are my two Pipi-Carat girls, Left to right: Peapod and Carrot

Here are all my Ex Cute girls:
Left to right, starting in the back row:
Smiling Chiika, Miu #1, Aika
Kana (Chiika), Sabrina (Lien), Luna (Raili)
Miu #2, Himeno, Alice (Koron)
Squeak (Chisa), Pip (Pico Neemo Koron)

The K-On girls :)

The Character Girls, although the Oriemo girl on the far right doesn't belong to me, she's just visiting, and my two Madoka girls are missing, as they are off in California visiting :)

The Mamachapps :)

The Unoa Light

and the three little Obitsu cuties.
The blue and black haired girls have Retrograde faceups,
the red haired "Mini-Me" has a combo of decals and face painting by me.

So... there you have it.
My desk full of tiny folk, dragged along with me in my pneumonia delirium.


  1. This looks like a magical, wonderful place to visit. I'd be like, "Yay, let's play!"

  2. So nice to see them all together. I just love their clothes. Your work space is quite creative.

  3. Definitely looks like play time to me.