Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Little Purses

 I recently finished off two new purses, soon to be available in my etsy store,
but before I could list them, the Mori girls snatched them up and tried them out.

Miu: Look at this lovely little purse! It's just perfect, and just the right color!

Himeno: Oh yes, yes, mine too!

Miu: We even have a little Mori bear, hehe!

This adorable little bear is made by Ginger Brame of bearbits

Himeno: Do you think they'll make one of us ExCute girls into a little bear?
Miu: I hope so!


  1. Your new purses suit your doll's style perfectly. Are you sure they will make it into your store or will they be hidden away somewhere by your dolls?

    1. Hahaha, I don't think the Neemos will complain, but no no... these purses are for the shop... I have to take pics with them with the Blythe, and the MDD (I think they'll work with her) and maybe a Barbie and Misaki too, lol.