Thursday, July 26, 2012

Plush Product Review: Lurky the Murloc

Today is something a little different...
a plush toy review.

I would like you all to meet Lurky, the Murloc!

I have wanted one of these ever since I saw one in person last year at Gencon...
(ok, I wanted them before that...
but seeing it up close and personal just made me want one even more.)

So, when it was time to register for Gencon again this year,
I was also re-struck with the desire to own one of these
cute little baby murloc!
I tried to order one straight from Blizzard's site, but they were sold out,
so I ended up buying him from Ebay.

I'm pretty sure he's not a knock-off...
but if he is... he's the best made knock-off I've ever seen!

He is SO soft!
And his hands, feet and bum are weighted down with pellets, so he sits wonderfully and  has a great weight to him.

He also came with this nifty bag:

Which I love... and need to figure out a use for, other than carrying Lurky.

One of my favorite parts is his hang tag:

If you play Warcraft, you know that once you "right click" on this, it becomes one of your companion pets.... so yeah... I've added Lurky to my personal inventory list, LOL.
He's soulbound to me now, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

He also came with this... and I've no idea what it is...
so if any WoW nerds out there do know, I would love it if you'd clue me in!

So, if anyone was ever pondering getting a Murloc of their own,
I HIGHLY recommend it!


  1. My resident WOW nerd saw your Murlock and went"Ohhh, isn't he cute". She also went and checked out the badge and it is the 'Mark of the Wild' which is a buff that druids can give other players in the game (a buff is something which helps players) - so a nice little present from Blizzard.

    1. Thank you! I'm just wondering if the pin is part of a series or something... I can't find anything on Blizzard making badges of "Marks"!!

      PS, this is the noise a Murloc makes: Mrglgrlgrlgrlgrl

    2. Here is a link and some more information which Joy (the WOW player) wrote which I hope helps: 'Mark of the wild isn't a set of Marks, it is the name of a spell that the Druids have. Link to details about the spell that is cast:
      There was probably a set of badges bought out around the Burning Crusade expansion of the game (the packaging shows). It's hard to find anything about it because there are items in the game called badges which come up first when looking, and it may have been an overseas set only (sometimes they bring out items only for europe, asian or american reigons).'
      She also said that there is a story (which may or amy not be accurate) behind the Murloc sound is that it was originally made by the baby of one of the WOW designers and he thought it would be a good Murloc sound.

    3. Oh, I knew what the Mark of the Wild was... when I said "set" I meant the pins themselves... like... what set did they come in, or was it just a singular pin, and such. I'm having a hard time finding any info on them.

      I like the Murloc noise story, lol.

  2. I dont even play the game but i find his packaging really amusing. Hes super cute too! :3

    1. His packaging is great! And I think the colors on the bag change with the color of murloc you get... I there are least 4.

  3. The pin is the symbol for the Druid buff, Mark of the Wild :D. You knew I'd know >_>.

    1. It's true XD

      What I *really* want to know, though, is what it was for... special event? Just random badges they sold? Country specific? I have no idea.

  4. I've never played, WOW, but have heard of it. I always enjoy well done packaging and this would tempt me to buy it too.

    1. Murlocs might be one of my favorite creatures in WoW, they make a cute, gurgly little noise... but yeah, the packaging is great!! The bag is nice quality... now I just have to find something to use it for.