Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's a Penpal kinda week!

This seems to be the week filled with a flurry of penpal activity!

Anna also got to join in the fun, getting a package in the mail from her beloved cousin, Chou.
Please check out Chou's world here:

Anna: I can't wait, I'm opening it!
Lookit the squishy purple stingray!!!
*happy squealing commences as she rips through the package*

Anna: Lookit this stuff! Puppies and kitties and froggies and bunnies!
A Stingray and butterflies.... and LOOK AT THESE SHOES!
Me: That sounds a little too much like Alna for my taste -_-
Anna: HOW DID SHE KNOW?? How did she know I've been walking around barefoot for the last few weeks??? Chou is amazing!
She wrote me a lovely long letter too... you'll have to put this card on the penpal tree!
Me: Yeah, this stuff is all pretty neat.... but...

Me: I think you might want to question why Chou is sending you butterfly poops...

Me: and power hungry Domos intent on world domination!
Anna: Ooooh... oh my!

(I busted out laughing when I saw the PWPS sticker on the butterfly bag... it was fantastic!)


  1. Lmfao, I didn't even know there was a sticker on the baggie, XD.

    Chou: "ANNA! I would never send you po--... well, um... you know. NEVER D:."

    LMAO. Your Domos are standing in the middle of the twisting Nether XD.

    1. It makes sense that they'd be standing there though... one is a demon XD

      Anna: I didn't think so, Chou... but Heather was convinced that Neemo poop might *actually* look like purple butterflies. 0_0 She's so dumb.

  2. So much cuteness to receive!

    1. Absolutely! Anna especially loves the pink chair... she hasn't stopped reclining in it yet!

  3. I totally geeked out at the WoW reference. ^___^*

    1. hehehehe, yes, are you excited about the new expansion or no?

      Me... I'm a sucker, I'll totally play a panda character, LOL!!!