Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Well, today's the day... I'm another year older.

This year I couldn't help it,
I gave myself a little birthday treat,
by taking myself to the Disney Store.
(The closest one to us is an hour away, so it's a trek)

Here's what I got!

This Brave placemat was just too adorable and vibrant to pass up!!
It sits on my desk at work now.

Looking at Merida's crazy hair makes me happy...
because this is my hair, LOL!
Mine is a lighter red than hers, but just as curly and crazy.
She makes it look good... mine just looks a mess!
But my ancestors are from Scotland,
so I particularly love this princess.

... plus...

I make Teddy Bears!
How could I NOT love Merida???

I also got:
The 5.5 inch doll pack from Brave.
It includes 2 different versions of Merida,
one doll of her Mother (who is lovely)
and her three little brothers.

and finally, probably my most ridiculous purchase...

Baby Rapunzel from the Artist Signature Series.
She is SO CUTE!
Ok, almost all of them in this series are so cute
(except Merida... who looks friggin evil... WHY MUST SHE ALWAYS SMIRK??)
Where possible, Disney had the original artists go back and
draw the princesses as children...
then they made dolls.
ADORABLE dolls...
that are 16 inches tall
and only $24.50.
(Although currently on sale for $20)

I bought it under the guise of "Oh, this is for my future kids..."
but who am I kidding... she's totally for me.
And I need to get Ariel and Mulan too... at the very least. LOL.


  1. Happy birthday! The Merida dolls are lovely - I think you gave yourself a great present. ;)

    1. Thanks... I have to admit, I have a soft spot for Disney. XD

  2. Happy Birthday Heather! I love your gifts. You are right. That entire 16" doll series is too adorable! Enjoy your day.

    1. Dangerously so... AND there's a flickr group where you post their adventures... that's always a dangerous thing for me... LOL!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! You seem to have gotten a doll-tastic set of gifts for yourself. X3 Those Disney baby princesses from the Artist Signature Series are just too cute.

    1. They really are. I don't need them at all... in fact, I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with Rapunzel for the time being... but GAH! SO CUTE.
      Plus like I mentioned above... flickr group where they have adventures.

      If I can play with a doll... oh... I WILL. XD

  4. Happy birthday! I adore the Artist Signature series. I had to buy Snow White "for my kids." I just love her...and I could easily go back and buy several more!

    1. Snow White is really cute too! I just figure I'll buy all these for my future kids and then have all kids who have no interest in dolls, LOL!

  5. Happy birthday! Love love love all of these gifts as I am insanely in love with Brave! My mom bought me that 16" Rapunzel for my birthday last week. She's darling! It's such a great series. I actually like that Merida has such a devilish look in hers. xD

    1. Me too... I think a ton of it has to do with the fact that it's where my family tree is rooted XD Plus... uh.... the bears are SO CUTE.
      But, yeah, I like the Merida too... but I REALLY want them to make another version of her not smirking... because every one of her danged dolls is smirking, and the poor girl does NOT smirk the entire movie!!! I want one normal face Merida!

    2. I should say... I like her little evil, trouble-maker face... but why must every one of her dolls have it? Can't there be one adorable, innocent expression toddler Merida????

  6. Happy Birthday! I just love the Queen Elinor! I recently got the 12 inch one and I am LOVING her! That Rapunzel is really so adorable.

    1. Oh my, the 12 inch Queen Elinor was just beautiful... I'm kicking myself for not buying her. I'm sure I'll cave and get both her and Merida in Playline size XD

  7. Happy Birthday Heather!
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Happy Birthday Heather!! 1000000 of these days!!! Cool b-day shopping!! My birthday was a week ago, the only thing I bought is a My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash. She has lightnening wings! Very cute!! Merida is awesome! I wanted to buy one but in Italy will be available only at the end of this month. Best wishes and, thank you for your words on my blog

    1. Thank you so much!! Rainbow Dash is a cutie, very good purchase. I have bought AppleJack... because I own all the other Applejacks! XD She's my favorite style pony :)

      I wish you luck finding a Merida when she comes out... she is awesome... but her mom, Queen Elinor, is even MORE awesome!!! :)

  9. Happy Happy Birthday! Doing my birthday wiggle for you too! Those are some awesome purchases. I'm finding Meridas mom doll really appealing. Her face does something for me. I'm going to have to see her in person.

  10. Happy Birthday. I love your presents. I may cave in on that Brave mini giftset. I so want her brothers. I will not go and look at those Animator cuties. Must resist. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself

  11. Happy birthday Heather. I hope you enjoy your day and your lovely presents.

  12. Happy birthday, dear! Everything looks amazing, I love the miniature version of Elinore even more than the 1/6th. I'm glad you had such a lovely day!

  13. Ok, I'm a little late for the party...a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Love your Rapunzel doll!